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2015 AIBS Public Policy Review Committee

The AIBS Public Policy Review Committee, whose membership includes representatives from AIBS societies and organizations that are funding the AIBS Public Policy Office (PPO) at the Participant level or above serves in an advisory capacity. The committee is asked to (1) provide the PPO with guidance in identifying experts to serve as witnesses in Congressional testimony, and as participants in Congressional briefings and similar activities; (2) assist the PPO in crafting public policy/position statements that reflect the concerns of the biological sciences community and current scientific knowledge; (3) serve as a communication conduit for public policy matters between AIBS and the society or organization that the member represents on the committee; and (4) work with the PPO in preparing periodic reports to the AIBS Board.

Committee Chair

Society of Systematic Biologists

Keith Crandall, George Washington University

Committee Members

American Ornithologists' Union

Joel Cracraft, Department of Ornithology, AMNH, NY

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

John Lundberg, Academy of Natural Sciences

Association of Ecosystem Research Centers

Gene Rhodes, Savannah River Ecology Lab, University of Georgia

Botanical Society of America

Morgan Gostel, George Mason University
Marian Chau, Lyon Arboretum, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Long Term Ecological Research Network

Robert "Bob" B. Waide, Long Term Ecological Research - Network Office, University of New Mexico

Organization of Biological Field Stations

Sarah Oktay, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Jake Socha, Virginia Tech

Society for the Study of Evolution

Kent E. Holsinger, University of Connecticut

Society of Wetland Scientists

Dennis F. Whigham

Staff Liaison:

Robert Gropp
American Institute of Biological Sciences

Ex Officio:

Joseph Travis
AIBS President
Florida State University

Standing Committees

Ad Hoc and Special Committee*

* Ad Hoc committees coincide with the term of the President who appointed them; Special committees serve for a period of three years as authorized by the Board.

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