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Join AIBS -- Receive BioScience

Community Counts!

Sure, when you join AIBS you get BioScience, but that is not the only reason to join! As the only society that serves as an umbrella organization for the biology profession, the American Institute of Biological Sciences is working for and reporting to its members on research, education, public programs, and matters of public policy. Your membership in this dynamic organization directly supports collective activities that strengthen and elevate the future of the biological profession. Cross-cutting matters which AIBS addresses in its work include: how to sustain the pipeline of high quality biology students; how to help legislators make informed choices about biological policy decisions; and how to create innovative and engaging public programs that bring biology to the wider population.

AIBS is open to membership of individuals as well as scientific organizations. Learn more about our membership opportunities here:

Individual Membership

Individual biology professionals - are invited to join AIBS now, and receive BioScience by clicking here!

The rates for individual membership are as follows:

JOIN NOW! Receive BioScience
in print and online
Receive BioScience
online only
Individual $110/yr $70/yr
Family $130/yr $90/yr
Sustaining $130/yr $90/yr
Emeritus $90/yr $50/yr
Student: K to Postdoc $65/yr $30/yr
K-12 Teacher/Administrator $80/yr $45/yr
Lifetime $2,000 one-time payment $1,400 one-time payment

(JOIN NOW will take you to information about rates, an online registration form, and through a secure online checkout to pay your first years dues.)


Please direct questions and requests regarding individual membership to:
Diane Bosnjak
Phone 1.571.748.4415

Organizational Membership

AIBS invites membership of organizations and institutions that share its mission. As a member, your organization will be become a part of this vibrant communication and collaboration network fostering active programs to promote the biological profession - on Capitol Hill, in the classroom, the research laboratory, or in your home town.

JOIN NOW! To apply for membership, visit our membership website.

Member organizations are asked to identify which of the following category best applies to determine their dues level.

Membership Organization Categories Member-based organizations use this criteria: Non-member based organizations based on annual budget: AIBS dues level:
Small < 1,000 individuals < $1 million $200
Medium 1,000-4,999 individuals $1 million - $3 million $350
Large > 4,999 individuals > $3 million $500

Organizations in all three membership categories are treated as equals with respect to the appointment of their representative to the AIBS Council (the advisory body to the Board of Directors, AIBS's governing body). As members of the Council, all organizations have the right to vote up to four of their Council peers onto the 13-seat Board of Directors, depending on the number of vacant board seats in a given year of the election cycle. To learn more about participation in AIBS leadership, click here.


Please direct questions and requests regarding organizational membership to:
Sheri Potter
Phone: 941.923.6320


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