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AIBS/BCSS/NESCent Cosponsor Evolution Symposium

December 1, 2006


On 14 October 2006, AIBS continued its tradition of hosting a symposium on evolution at the annual conference of the National Association of Biology Teachers in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The symposium, titled “Macroevolution: Evolution above the Species Level,” drew over 200 high school and college faculty members.

Presentations in the symposium provided current information about macroevolutionary processes, the distinctions between and the interactions of micro- and macroevolution, the development and evolution of “key innovations” and major lineages of organisms, and the evidence for these processes.

The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent), one of the syposium cosponsors, developed a CD-ROM of resource materials for teaching, which is available online at no cost ( NESCent staff distributed 500 copies of the CD-ROM during the meeting.

The Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, another cosponsor, ran education-specific sessions during the day. PowerPoint presentations will be posted soon, along with audio files of the speakers’ talks, on the AIBS Web site:

Information about past and future evolution symposia is available at

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