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Policy Office to Participate in Faculty Training Program

December 1, 2009


AIBS is pleased to announce that in January, director of public policy Robert Gropp will conduct a day-long policy and media training workshop as part of the annual New Mexico Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NM EPSCoR; Junior Faculty Training Program. AIBS participated in this innovative faculty development program last year as well.

Early-career faculty from higher-education institutions across New Mexico will participate in a three-day program that includes a variety of workshop activities designed to enhance leadership skills and increase competitiveness for national-level funding opportunities. In 2008, program topics included communication with decisionmakers, proposal development, management of large research projects and laboratories, meeting facilitation, and broadening impacts through education and outreach.

"AIBS is pleased to once again be participating in this important program," Gropp said. "We often hear from graduate students and early career professionals that they want to develop skills that will help them communicate their science. The NM EPSCoR program helps to cultivate communication and other leadership skills that will serve faculty members throughout their career."

The NM EPSCoR is designed to enhance research competitiveness through investment in three strategic areas: critical research infrastructure, cyberinfrastructure, and human infrastructure. These investments are intended to help establish New Mexico as a laboratory for climate change research and as a model for science-based public policy. The multidisciplinary, multiscale effort aims to transform climate-change science and policymaking in New Mexico by providing the tools required for quantitative, science-driven discussion of difficult water policy options facing the state in the 21st century.

The NM EPSCoR program gathers resources and expertise from academic institutions, national labs, private industry, and state and federal sources to benefit education, the environment, and the New Mexican economy. The initiative focuses on ensuring that New Mexicans gain access to superior education, state-of-the-art research, and the quality of life and employment that comes with an active and competitive science and technology base.

For more information about AIBS policy and communication training programs, please visit

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