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The 2015 Issue of BioScience
- Vol. 65, No. 3 -

A Forum for Integrating the Life Sciences

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The map depicts the relative magnitude of harvested cropland area embodied in the production of up to 390 agricultural commodities traded among countries in the Western Hemisphere during the period 2000-2009, as reported by Graham K. MacDonald and coauthors in an article in this issue. These relationships (indicated by arrows flowing from the export-producing to the consuming countries) account for approximately 13% of the 245 million hectares of cropland used globally to produce agricultural exports. Agricultural land use is one of four metrics examined by the authors to describe the geography of agricultural globalization, highlighting the complex interdependencies among countries in terms of food and resources. Some of the largest trade relationships depicted in this map include soybean and cereal exports from the United States to Mexico, pork and oilseed exports from Canada to the United States, as well as wheat exports from Argentina to Brazil. Note that the arrow colors correspond to the export-producing country, but arrow placement within the countries is arbitrary. Map: Graham K. MacDonald.

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