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If you'd like to get in touch with us, please send all editorial correspondence to:

Dr. Timothy M. Beardsley,
Editor-in-Chief, BioScience
1800 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 400
Reston, VA 20191 USA
Phone +1.703.674.2500 x326
Fax +1.202.628.1509

For more information about the people at AIBS who produce BioScience, please see our staff section.

Reprint Permission

AIBS authorizes photocopying and electronic reproduction of material in BioScience (ISSN 0006-3568) provided the appropriate fee is paid directly to the Copyright Clearance Center. Full details about copyright permissions are available.

BioScience Editorial Board:

Reinette Biggs (Stockholm Resilience Centre), Rick Bonney (Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology), Gordon Brown (US Department of the Interior [retired]), Richard M. Burian (Virginia Tech), Catherine E. Carr (University of Maryland), Joseph Caruso, (Florida Atlantic University), Scott Collins (University of New Mexico), Rita R. Colwell (University of Maryland), Charlene D'Avanzo (Hampshire College), Kathleen Donohue (Harvard University), David L. Evans (Pennsylvania College of Technology), Cassandra G. Extavour (Harvard University), Eric A. Fischer (Congressional Research Service), Kirk Fitzhugh (LA County Museum of Natural History), Corinna Gries, (University of Wisconsin), Nick Haddad (North Carolina State University), Geoffrey M. Henebry (South Dakota State University), Cynthia S. Jones (University of Connecticut), Linda A. Joyce (US Department of Agriculture Forest Service), Edna S. Kaneshiro (University of Cincinnati), David M. Leslie (Oklahoma State University), Harvey B. Lillywhite (University of Florida), Alan C. Love (University of Minnesota), Paula Mabee (University of South Dakota), Pim Martens, (Maastricht University), Marshall A. Martin (Purdue University), Janice Moore (Colorado State University), Peter B. Moyle (University of California, Davis), Christer Nilsson (Umea University), Benjamin A. Pierce (Southwestern University), Jason Podrabsky (Portland State University), J. Michael Scott (University of Idaho [emeritus]), Daniel Simberloff (University of Tennessee), Robert J. Steidl, (University of Arizona), Martin Tracey (Florida International University), Monica Turner (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Lisette Waits (University of Idaho), Randy Wayne (Cornell University), Judith S. Weis (Rutgers University), David S. Wilcove (Princeton University), Jean Wyld (Springfield College), Jake Vander Zanden, (University of Wisconsin).


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