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Scientific Peer Advisory and Review Services


Central to the work of AIBS is peer review as performed by the skilled Scientific Peer Advisory Review Services (SPARS) team. Peer review at AIBS is the process of subjecting an investigator's research or ongoing project to the examination of other highly qualified individuals. Our highly specialized, well-coordinated peer review ensures that science moves in the appropriate direction. At SPARS we serve the scientific community by providing feedback to funding organizations who may share that feedback with individual investigators. In this way we improve the performance of up-and-coming research and identify exciting new initiatives.


About Us

The people at SPARS approach peer review with enthusiasm and passion and continue to build our strong reputation in the peer review realm. Our organization continually improves upon our proven methods to provide peer review, program monitoring, meeting facilitation, and IT services to a diverse client base, including agencies of the US government, private foundations, and the non-profit sector.

SPARS, like our parent organization, is dedicated to serving science and society. SPARS is a forum for communication and interaction among clinicians and researchers.

Contact Us

To discuss how the AIBS SPARS Department can meet your organization's needs, please contact:

Scott Glisson
Director, AIBS SPARS Department
1900 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 200
Reston, VA 20191
P: 703-674-2500 x202
F: 703-674-2509


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Scientists Review Peer Review

You and your colleagues at AIBS did an absolutely first rate job in running this review.

— Tinnitus Review, 2011

The review panel was thorough, fair and comprehensive.

— Tinnitus Review, 2011

It was remarkable and very different from traditional NIH study sections.

— CDC Reviewer, 2011

You did a great job putting together a wonderful panel: knowledgeable and passionate with their work, ready to go an extra mile to help new investigators in Africa.

— CDC Reviewer, 2011

We always benefit from critical review of works in our field-it makes us better writers - it points out where confusion and inconsistencies make scientific writing hard to understand or follow. It is always a good thing to critically review others' work!

— Raptor Biologist, 2011

With face-to-face reviews, I meet other scientists with interests and knowledge different than my own, which provides me a resource for my own work.

— Cell Biology NYStem reviewer 2010

I enjoy the discussion and learn from the expertise of other scientists. I also benefit by preparing better grants.

— Hematologist/Oncologist, NYStem reviewer 2010

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