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Meeting Planning and Operations

AIBS has considerable experience with meeting planning and operations. In addition to managing multi-panel peer review meetings, we support all aspects of large meetings for many other purposes. We have supported meetings with attendance of up to 4,000. Some examples of meetings we have supported are below:

  • Meeting of the XVI International Botanical Congress
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Workshops
  • American Society of Plant Taxonomists Annual Meeting
  • Association for Tropical Biology Annual Meeting
  • Association Systematics Collections Annual Meeting
  • Botanical Society of America Annual Meeting
  • Canadian Botanical Association Annual Meeting
  • Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting
  • International Society of Ecological Modeling Annual Meeting
  • Torrey Botanical Society Annual Meeting
  • Mycological Society of America Annual Meeting
  • Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting
  • Physical Oceanography Dissertation Symposium
  • Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Annual Meeting
  • American Bryological and Lichenological Society Annual Meeting
  • American Fern Society Annual Meeting
  • Dissertation Symposia on Chemical Oceanography
  • AIBS Annual Meetings

Dissertations in Chemical Oceanography (DISCO)-1976 to Present
Physical Oceanography Dissertations Symposium (PODS)-2002 to Present

For over 20 years, AIBS SPARS has coordinated the 'Dissertations in Chemical Oceanography' conferences for the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research. Most recently, this annual meeting was held in Hawaii. AIBS SPARS makes all lodging and meeting facility arrangements, develops and distributes meeting materials from invitation to abstract compilation, provides onsite meeting support, and designs Web-based meeting support operations.

More recently, AIBS SPARS has begun coordinating the Physical Oceanography Dissertations Symposium (PODS), now held in conjunction with the DISCO meeting. AIBS SPARS organizes this meeting from start to finish, providing all services to ensure a productive, cost-effective, successful meeting.

Meeting Dissertations in Chemical Oceanography (DISCO), Physical Oceanography Dissertations Symposium (PODS)
Participants Invited Ph.D. students, invited speakers, representatives of NSF, ONR, NOAA, NASA
Location Hawaii (currently)
Services Provided Web site services, recruitment of attendees, selection of appropriate meeting site, all contractual arrangements, budget development, menus, invitations, travel arrangements (airfare, lodging and per diem), travel vouchers, onsite meeting support, all supplies and printing, all onsite functions (including mixers, photos, banquet, etc.), and offsite outings.
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News from SPARS

Scientists Review Peer Review

You and your colleagues at AIBS did an absolutely first rate job in running this review.

— Tinnitus Review, 2011

The review panel was thorough, fair and comprehensive.

— Tinnitus Review, 2011

It was remarkable and very different from traditional NIH study sections.

— CDC Reviewer, 2011

You did a great job putting together a wonderful panel: knowledgeable and passionate with their work, ready to go an extra mile to help new investigators in Africa.

— CDC Reviewer, 2011

We always benefit from critical review of works in our field-it makes us better writers - it points out where confusion and inconsistencies make scientific writing hard to understand or follow. It is always a good thing to critically review others' work!

— Raptor Biologist, 2011

With face-to-face reviews, I meet other scientists with interests and knowledge different than my own, which provides me a resource for my own work.

— Cell Biology NYStem reviewer 2010

I enjoy the discussion and learn from the expertise of other scientists. I also benefit by preparing better grants.

— Hematologist/Oncologist, NYStem reviewer 2010