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Spotlight on Selected Clients

Two of AIBS SPARS' long-standing clients are the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. For each of these clients, we have helped them assess needs, then developed a set of services tailored to meet those needs. Throughout these relationships, we have tried, whenever possible, to introduce innovation and extra value into our services. A brief overview of our services for these two clients is presented below.

U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC)

AIBS SPARS provides scientific support for USAMRMC including: multiple peer review mechanism services for intramural and extramural programs including Military Infectious Disease Research, Combat Casualty Care, Gulf War Illness, Neurotoxin Exposure and Treatment, Force Health Protection, Bone Health and Military Medical Readiness, Technology in Metabolic Monitoring, and Peer Reviewed Medical Research.

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF)

AIBS SPARS organizes and facilitates the Medical Research Program for DDCF. Our staff perform Web site development and hosting, RFP development and advertisement, application template development, preproposal and proposal submission receipt and processing, proposal compliance review, scientific panel and mail review services, applicant notification of funding decisions and distribution of critiques, tracking and archiving of proposals, progress report development and review, grant renewals, and general applicant support services, such as notification to applicants of proposal receipt and fielding questions from applicants. AIBS SPARS also hosts Clinical Scientist meetings for DDCF (we provide all meeting support services - handling invitations and registration; agenda development; hotel and travel arrangements; abstract collection and abstract book preparation; meeting room, poster session, and audiovisual equipment setup; onsite registration and support; and bill reconciliation). AIBS facilitates the Clinical Research Fellowship program by hosting an annual meeting and preparing and distributing the newsletter and press releases.

AIBS SPARS staff will be happy to help your organization assess its needs, and we will tailor a set of services to help your organization accomplish its research objectives. Please contact us with questions or comments.

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News from SPARS

Scientists Review Peer Review

You and your colleagues at AIBS did an absolutely first rate job in running this review.

— Tinnitus Review, 2011

The review panel was thorough, fair and comprehensive.

— Tinnitus Review, 2011

It was remarkable and very different from traditional NIH study sections.

— CDC Reviewer, 2011

You did a great job putting together a wonderful panel: knowledgeable and passionate with their work, ready to go an extra mile to help new investigators in Africa.

— CDC Reviewer, 2011

We always benefit from critical review of works in our field-it makes us better writers - it points out where confusion and inconsistencies make scientific writing hard to understand or follow. It is always a good thing to critically review others' work!

— Raptor Biologist, 2011

With face-to-face reviews, I meet other scientists with interests and knowledge different than my own, which provides me a resource for my own work.

— Cell Biology NYStem reviewer 2010

I enjoy the discussion and learn from the expertise of other scientists. I also benefit by preparing better grants.

— Hematologist/Oncologist, NYStem reviewer 2010