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AIBS Public Policy Reports Archive

The AIBS Public Policy Office provides analysis and communication for the AIBS Board, Headquarters Office, and Public Policy Review Committee on issues of import to the AIBS membership and the larger scientific community. Reports are broadly disseminated by email every two weeks to AIBS membership leaders and contacts. Special reports are sent more frequently as needed.

We have archived these reports here for your information and attention. Read about each report's contents below, then click to read the complete text.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about AIBS public policy activities, please contact the AIBS Public Policy Office ().

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AIBS Public Policy Report for 10 April 2006

  • AIBS submits congressional testimony on FY 07 budget
  • Ehlers/Holt Dear Colleague letter on NSF
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports a net gain in U.S. wetland acreage
  • New in BioScience: "Evolution After Dover"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 27 March 2006

  • Action alert: Please contact your members of Congress today to support NSF funding
  • Public comment opportunity: Ocean policy
  • Biologists visit Congress, honor Congressmen Ehlers and Holt
  • Lawsuit against UC evolution website dismissed
  • President nominates Idaho Governor for top spot at Interior
  • American Society of Mammalogists-AIBS Graduate Student Policy Internship
  • New in BioScience: "the Cost of Doing Business: Should the United States Create Incentives for STEM labor?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 13 March 2006

  • Budget roundup
  • The FY 2007 budget request for Energy's Office of Biological and Environmental Research
  • NOAA research programs in the President's FY 2007 budget
  • AIBS announces 2006 Emerging Public Policy Leaders
  • Senate committee approves ARPA-E legislation
  • SC Board of Education rejects anti-evolution proposal
  • Interior Secretary Gale Norton steps down
  • American Society of Mammalogists-AIBS Graduate Student Policy Internship
  • New in BioScience: "The Cost of Doing Business: Should the United States Create Incentives for STEM Labor?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 27 February 2006

  • Proposed budget for NASA science programs raises concern on Capitol Hill
  • EPA FY 07 budget request down, again
  • Global competition a "reality," says new report
  • Victory for science in Ohio, but threats remain around the country
  • Graduate student opportunity: ASM-AIBS Public Policy Internship
  • New in BioScience: "The cost of doing business: should the United States create incentives for STEM labor?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 13 February 2006

  • The American Competitiveness Initiative and the FY 07 budget
  • FY 07 Budget request for the National Science Foundation
  • A look at NSF's education program in the FY 07 budget
  • United States Geological Survey faces a budget cut in FY 07
  • Congress gets a crash course on science
  • Politicization of science rockets back into the headlines
  • Graduate student opportunity: ASM-AIBS Public Policy Internship
  • Evolution in the news
  • National Ecological Observatory Network requests comments
  • New in BioScience: "Europe Gears Up to Double it's Investment in Research"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 30 January 2006

  • PACE Act introduced; Bush expected to plug innovation in State of the Union
  • Toxicologist will become new EPA science advisor
  • OMB requests public comments on draft risk assessment guidelines
  • Anti-evolution initiatives in Utah, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Mississippi
  • Evolution education updates: California and Carolina
  • Vatican newspaper endorses Dover decision; call ID unscientific
  • Kentucky governor replaces a Board of Education member
  • Register now for "Evolution on the Front Line"
  • Reminder: 2006 AIBS EPPLA applications due 3 February
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 17 January 2006

  • Scandals shake-up House leadership
  • OSTP requests comments on federal support of graduate education
  • Science education lawsuits continue in California
  • Kentucky governor supports intelligent design during annual speech
  • Post-secondary employment statistics now available from IPEDS
  • Application deadline for 2006 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award nears
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 1 January 2006

  • A victory for science in Dover
  • AIBS cosponsors post-Dover press conference
  • Congress reauthorizes NASA
  • Congress wrapped up legislative business in time for holidays
  • Graduate student opportunity: Apply for the 2006 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award
  • New in BioScience: "Congress likes innovation, but will biology get its due?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 19 December 2005

  • NSF requests comments on strategic plan for biology
  • House adjourns while Senate faces tough debate over ANWR
  • Legislators introduce bills to foster U.S. innovation and competitiveness
  • National Summit on Competitiveness convenes in Washington, DC
  • Evolution on trial: Updates from Cobb County and California
  • National Science Board tests idea of a STEM education commission
  • Report grades state science education standards
  • 2005 AIBS Public Policy Office Annual Report now online
  • Graduate student opportunity: Apply for the 2006 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award
  • New in BioScience: "Will Stem Cell Research Evolve?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 5 December 2005

  • Funding still in limbo for Labor-HHS-Education programs
  • Please thank Congress for NSF budget boost
  • Graduate student opportunity: Apply for the 2006 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award
  • Graduate student policy internship in the AIBS Public Policy Office
  • Vatican officials clarify views on ID
  • Biophysical Society issues statement in support of evolution
  • New in BioScience: "Will Stem Cell Policy Evolve?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 21 November 2005

  • Appropriations update
  • House passes budget bill with spending cuts
  • Democrats promote new innovation agenda
  • Evolution in the news
  • Senator Santorum and Pope Benedict XVI weigh in on intelligent design
  • Science policy internship opportunity
  • New in BioScience: "Does the President's Science Adviser Have an Audience?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 7 November 2005

  • NSF receives funding boost in final appropriations legislation
  • Senate passes omnibus budget bill; House gears up for vote this week
  • NAS and NSTA say no to Kansas Board of Education
  • Dover Trial nears end
  • USGS Coalition honored with 2005 John Wesley Powell Award
  • New in BioScience: "Does the President's Science Adviser Have an Audience?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 24 October 2005

  • Federal budget update
  • New evolution education products now available
  • ID On Trial in Dover, PA: Defense Calls First Witnesses
  • University presidents join chorus of academics opposed to intelligent design/creationism
  • NSF position announcement: Director of Environmental Biology
  • New in BioScience: "Streamlining the Federal Water Research Portfolio"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 11 October 2005

  • Congress approves first continuing resolution to fund federal government
  • Agriculture and Defense appropriations update
  • AIBS and BSCS Release Evolution Book and Video
  • Senate committee approves USFWS, EPA nominees
  • House Government Reform Committee Recognizes the Year of the Museum
  • House passes major changes to Endangered Species Act
  • Senate Passes NASA Reauthorization Bill
  • Hollywood comes to DC: Michael Crichton testifies about climate change in the Senate
  • Dover ID Trial Moves Forward
  • New in BioScience: "Streamlining the Federal Water Research Portfolio"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 26 September 2005

  • Senate approves appropriations legislation for NSF, NOAA
  • Republican Study Committee issues post-Katrina budget plan
  • Almost over in Dover, PA
  • Long-Term Ecological Research program holds Congressional briefing
  • Scientists head to Capitol Hill in support of the National Science Foundation
  • Senate begins confirmation process for US Fish and Wildlife Service director
  • Nominee for Deputy Administrator of NASA Named
  • AIBS and NSC Alliance sign strategic agreement
  • New in BioScience: "Politics and Peer Review"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 12 September 2005

  • NSF and Energy respond to Hurricane Katrina
  • AIBS launches Hurricane Katrina Support Network for Biologists
  • Democrats speak out against politicization of science
  • Creationists sue University of California
  • Pew poll shows majority favor teaching creationism
  • Florida: Bush names Yecke to number two post in K12 education
  • New in BioScience: "Politics and Peer Review"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 29 August 2005

  • White House requests comments on multiple PI grants
  • Climate change politics heat up
  • AIBS evolution symposium and ID/creationism session at NABT 2005
  • Tri-Societies issue statement in support of evolution
  • Iowa State faculty rejects intelligent design/creationism
  • Coming in the September issue of BioScience: "Politics and Peer Review"
  • Now in BioScience: "NSF Funding Still Lags Behind, but More in Congress Show Concern"
  • New intern in the AIBS Public Policy Office
  • Plan to attend: 2006 AIBS annual meeting on biodiversity
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 15 August 2005

  • Many happenings on the evolution front; AIBS responds
  • James Collins to head NSF Bio Directorate
  • USFS FY 06 research funding set
  • Senate increases focus on climate change
  • New in BioScience: "NSF Funding Still Lags Behind, but More in Congress Show Concern"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 1 August 2005

  • Congress approves FY 06 Interior and Environment appropriations
  • House considers NIH reauthorization
  • NASA reauthorization moves forward
  • Senate confirms Olsen for NSF Deputy
  • New in BioScience: "NSF Funding Still Lags Behind, but More in Congress Show Concern"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 18 July 2005

  • White House memo sets forth science priorities for FY 2007 budget
  • NASA reauthorization legislation advances in House and Senate
  • Tulsa Zoo won't put up creationist display after all
  • Now in BioScience: "The Summers Affair: Has It Prompted an Effective Plan for Harvard?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 5 July 2005

  • Appropriations update
  • Interior spending moves forward
  • Science on Capitol Hill
  • Evolution update: Kansas and Pennsylvania
  • New in BioScience: "The Summers Affair: Has It Prompted an Effective Plan for Harvard?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 20 June 2005

  • Appropriations update: NSF holds on in House, NOAA not as fortunate
  • AIBS and others submit amicus brief in Cobb County evolution case
  • White House criticized for politicizing climate change science
  • Changes in USGS leadership
  • New in BioScience: "States, Congress, Environmental Groups Oppose New EPA Regulation"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 6 June 2005

  • House approves small boost for some EPA research programs
  • NSF appropriations update
  • Olsen to be nominated Deputy Director of NSF
  • Open access publishing: Presentations from the 2005 AIBS Council Meeting on OA scholarly publishing available online
  • Education releases 2004 survey of postsecondary faculty salaries
  • Stouder selected to lead USFS research program
  • State Department welcomes Jefferson fellows
  • New in BioScience: "States, Congress, Environmental Groups Oppose New EPA Regulation"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 23 May 2005

  • House passes FY 2006 Interior and Environment appropriations legislation
  • Members of Congress call for innovation summit
  • AIBS Members Support Science at 2005 Congressional Visits Day
  • NOAA legislation moves forward in House
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 10 May 2005

  • Representative Wolf calls on President to triple federal spending on research
  • House and Senate pass budget resolution, begin appropriations process
  • House panel recommends slight increase for some USGS biology programs
  • Battle over evolution education continues in Georgia and Kansas
  • Science Committee hearing considers NASA earth science program
  • New in BioScience
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 25 April 2005

  • House Science Committee approves Green Chemistry Bill
  • Cornell graduate student named 2005 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader
  • Representative Wolf proposes loan forgiveness for science majors
  • Award-winning science teachers appear before House Science Committee
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 11 April 2005

  • Florida "Academic Freedom" bill could censor faculty, trigger lawsuits
  • Intelligent Design legislation introduced in Pennsylvania House
  • AIBS Policy Office expands focus, hires public affairs representative
  • Representatives to introduce loan foregiveness legislation for science majors
  • Senate committee considers Bush's nominee to head EPA
  • New in BioScience: "The Biodefense Buildup: Fallout for Other Research Areas?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 28 March 2005

  • Arkansas intelligent design legislation dies in committee
  • Survey shows science educators feel pressure to teach alternatives to evolution
  • President's budget would eliminate historic biological and environmental research facility
  • House Science Committee approves Supercomputer Revitalization Act
  • In the March issue of BioScience: "Will NSF's Education Initiative Be Left Behind?"
  • Reminder: EPPLA application deadline is April 1
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 14 March 2005

  • House subcommittee considers NSF budget and management challenges
  • A look at the NOAA budget
  • Staffing changes in the AIBS Public Policy Office
  • Evolution issues: A brief update on Arkansas and Kansas
  • Reminder: EPPLA application deadline is April 1
  • New in the March issue of BioScience: "Will NSF's Education Initiatives Be Left Behind?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 28 February 2005

  • Report says government has shortened Visa Mantis processing time
  • Scientific integrity legislation introduced in house
  • President's science advisor criticizes intelligent design
  • Reminder: Deadline for AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award Applications Approaches
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 14 February 2005

  • Small increase for NSF research, but education account suffers
  • Between a mineral and a hard spot: a look at the USGS budget
  • Senate committee criticizes EPA budget cuts
  • NIH issues open access publishing policy
  • House Appropriations Committee makes major changes: science programs shuffled
  • Science Committee elects leadership
  • AIBS Board Member elected VP of NAS
  • New federal resources to identify false academic credentials
  • New in BioScience: "White House Responds to Ocean Commission Reports"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 31 January 2005

  • In the states: Evolution education related legislation surfaces across the country
  • Former EPA Administrator sworn in as Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Senate confirms new Secretary of Agriculture
  • Graduate Students: Apply for the 2005 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 18 January 2005

  • Back at it, a look at the 109th Congress thus far
  • Graduate Students: Apply for the 2005 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award
  • OMB releases new peer review guidelines
  • President responds to Ocean Commission report
  • Philadelphia Academy of Science cuts curators
  • Court: Disclaimers must come out of Cobb County textbooks, but...
  • New in BioScience: "Environmental Science Sacrificed in Latest US Budget"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 20 December 2004

  • New audits critical of NSF grant oversight
  • Earmarked spending impacts post-secondary education grant program
  • Lawsuit against Dover, PA school board moves forward
  • Treasury Department loosens restrictions on publication of research from Cuba, Iran and Sudan
  • New center for synthesis of evolution research
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 6 December 2004

  • Report recommends strengthening role of federal science advisors
  • Secretary of Interior Norton nominates new Assistant Secretary for Water and Science
  • Dover (PA) latest anti-evolution education hot spot
  • New in BioScience: "New ESA Amendments: Sound Science or Political Shell Game"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 22 November 2004

  • Congress approves large cuts, including $100 M cut to NSF, to federal research funding
  • USGS considers a national initiative for FY 07 budget cycle
  • NAS releases report on presidential and federal science and technology appointments
  • Cobb County, GA school district defends anti-evolution textbook disclaimer
  • Secretary of Education resigns, architect of No Child Left Behind nominated as replacement
  • College quality survey findings released
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 8 November 2004

  • Election 2004: How will it impact Congress?
  • USGS Coalition sends letter to FY 05 Interior Appropriations conferees
  • California voters approve $3 billion stem cell research initiative
  • USFS launches national initiative to combat invasive species
  • New in BioScience: America's Oldest Science Agency Gets a Facelift
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 25 October 2004

  • Pennsylvania: Local school board pushes intelligent design creationism
  • Wisconsin School Board Approves Intelligent Design
  • Update: Creationism in Grand Canyon National Park
  • From the AIBS Federal Register Resource
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 12 October 2004

  • FY 05 Spending bills to be considered during lame duck session
  • Biologists visit Capitol Hill to urge lawmakers to support the
  • biological sciences
  • Biologists honor Rep. David Price (D-NC) for his support of biology
  • BSW issues new statement on ID paper
  • National Museum of Natural History plans $60 million oceans exhibit
  • New in BioScience: Are foreign scientists good for the US
  • scientific workforce?
  • Recent items from the Federal Register
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 27 September 2004

  • Senate committee approves Interior spending bill
  • Senate restores proposed House cuts to NSF
  • Congress considers math and science education program funding
  • USGS resolution approved by Resources Committee
  • President nominates new NSF director
  • OMB and OSTP Issue Guidance Document for FY 2006
  • Federal Register Watch: NSTC Draft Strategic Plan for the U.S. Integrated Earth Observation System
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 13 September 2004

  • NIH proposal would require all NIH-funded research to be published freely online
  • House approves increase for Education Department science program
  • Pro-Intelligent Design article published in biology journal
  • House committee to consider USGS resolution
  • New in BioScience: OMB Considers New Federal Peer Review Policy
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AIBS Public Policy Report for August 30, 2004

  • ASPT issues statement on the importance of herbaria
  • USGS creates National Geospatial Programs Office
  • EPA announces graduate and undergraduate fellowship opportunities
  • Plan to participate: Congressional Visits Day September 28-29
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AIBS Public Policy Report for August 16, 2004

  • Plan to Vote This Fall
  • Evolution At-Risk in Kansas, Again
  • ACTION ALERT: NSF research budget slashed by $200 million - your letters needed
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AIBS Public Policy Report for August 2, 2004

  • ACTION ALERT: NSF research budget slashed by $200 million - your letters needed
  • NEON gets thumbs up (and $6 million) from House Appropriations Committee
  • National Science and Technology Council issues new report, recognizes importance of systematics and collections
  • Stem cell research major focus at Democratic National Convention
  • Association of Southeastern Biologists issues statement in support of evolution education.
  • New in BioScience: NSF Facing Budget Cuts
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AIBS Public Policy Report for July 19, 2004

  • Scientific societies issue statement on peer review
  • Congressional briefing held on status of science and engineering workforce
  • Math and science education legislation introduced in Senate
  • Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space Holds Hearing on Adult Stem Cell Research
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 7/6/04

  • NAS requesting input on role of foreign students and postdocs
  • Homeland Security increases visa fees for foreign students
  • Congressional Math and Science Education Caucus Launched
  • AIBS provides recommendations for NAS report on improving presidential and federal science and technology advisory committees
  • New in the July 2004 issue of BioScience: "Pork: The Other research"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 6/21/04

  • Treasury issues rule limiting exchange with Cuba
  • Science Committee requests follow-up investigation of visa delays
  • House Passes FY 05 Interior Spending Bill
  • National Academies to Issue Report on Presidential and Federal Science and Technology Appointees
  • New in BioScience: "Will Science Be Hitting the Campaign Trails This Year?"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 6/07/04

  • House subcommittee proposes slight funding increase for USGS
  • Natural history collections in U.K. also struggling
  • Roseville, CA school board rejects proposal to include arguments against evolution in science classes
  • EPA requests nominees for endocrine disruptor advisory committee
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 5/24/04

  • APHIS seeks suggestions on proposed change in seed importation rules
  • You can help increase funding for NSF
  • National Science Board invites comments on draft report on broadening participation in science and engineering
  • Evolution education news: AL, KY, MN, MO
  • New in BioScience: Expanding Access to Natural History Collections
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 5/11/04

  • Office of Management and Budget seeks public comment on revised peer review plan
  • USGS hosts workshop for researchers on new federal grants web site
  • Free reports on the teaching of evolution from the National Academy of Sciences
  • Montana voters send strong pro-science message
  • New in BioScience- "Expanding Access to Natural History Collections"
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 4/26/04

  • ACTION ALERT: Letter to increase funding for the National Science Foundation circulating in the U.S. House. Your help needed!
  • Warning--Alabama legislators are at it again: legislation would allow teaching alternative theories of evolution
  • House of Representatives passes science education and green chemistry legislation
  • EPA Science Advisory Board: call for nominations and recent workshop
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 4/12/04

  • AIBS sends letter to House Science Committee leaders concerning NSF funding for natural history collection research
  • AIBS congressional testimony requests $1 billion in FY 05 funding for USGS
  • White House issues response to accusations regarding Bush Administration use of science
  • Evolution Education Roundup: GA, MT, OH
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AIBS Public Policy Report for 3/29/04

  • House Science Committee opposes cuts to EPA STAR program
  • OSTP Convenes Workshop on Biosecurity
  • AIBS Council briefed on "Politics and Science"
  • EU considering the creation of a "fast-track" science visa
  • Treasury may be backing down on scientific publishing issue
  • New Department of the Interior Code of Scientific Conduct released at 2004 AIBS Council Meeting
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Public Policy Report for 03/15/2004

  • Congressman challenges Department of Treasury restrictions on publishing papers from embargoed countries
  • ACTION ALERT: Ask your Representative to cosponsor legislation recognizing the value of the USGS
  • Politicization of science by Bush Administration hot topic at forum on public understanding of science
  • Ohio: Intelligent design infiltrates biology lesson plans
  • AIBS member organizations join forces for 2004 Congressional Visits Day
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Public Policy Report for 03/02/2004

  • GAO details recommendations for improving the foreign scientist Visa process at House Science Committee hearing
  • Intelligent design controversy resurfaces in Ohio
  • Oklahoma legislation not OK
  • Convention on biological diversity sets global goals
  • New in BioScience-The Ecological Benefits of EPA Actions: What Are They Worth?
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Public Policy Report for 02/17/2004

  • President proposes 17.9 percent cut to NSF Education and Human Resources Directorate
  • Colwell to leave NSF
  • STAR Grant program RFA reductions for FY 2004 and FY 2005
  • Science wins in Georgia
  • UN Secretary-General urges: Science for all nations
  • New in BioScience: Aspects of Research Policy in the European Union
  • Second NAS convocation on enhancing the postdoctoral experience
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Public Policy Report for 02/03/2004

  • Congress finally passes FY2004 budget
  • White House proposes 0.37% increase in basic research for FY2005
  • NSF requests funding for NEON, three new LTER sites and announces new focus on aquatic research for FY2005
  • President proposes transfer of NSF Math and Science Partnership grant program to Department of Education
  • Interior science: A first look at the Department's FY05 budget request
  • Political science: Georgia could remove evolution and include creationism and intelligent design in science education standards
  • Missouri: legislation would mandate inclusion of intelligent design in science courses
  • Oklahoma: New year, new threat to evolution education
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Public Policy Report for 01/05/2004

  • AIBS sends letter to NPS regarding young-Earth creationist book
  • AIBS responds to White House proposal to modify federal peer-review process
  • Rep. Ralph Hall of Texas switches parties, leaving Science Committee leadership in question
  • EPA Announces Environmental Monitoring Assessment Program (EMAP) 2004 Symposium
  • AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award Applications Available
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Public Policy Report for 12/22/2003

  • Changing Climate Policy?
  • State Department Seeks Scientists for Climate Change Report
  • AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award Applications Available
  • Science Educators Needed to Help Review New Evolution Education Resource
  • American Association of Museums Issues Statement in Support of University-based Natural Science Collections
  • AAAS Science Policy Fellowships: Application Information
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Public Policy Report for 12/08/2003

  • NSF to receive 5% increase if omnibus conference report adopted
  • Congress directs NSF to continue refining NEON plan
  • A look at NSFs Education and Human Resources funding
  • USGS funding rises, slightly
  • Nonprofit organizations can lobby
  • National Toxicology Program seeks input on a roadmap to increase predictability of toxicology
  • NRC recommends new assessment of doctoral programs
  • New report on academic libraries released
  • Plan to participate: 2004 Congressional Visits Day
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Public Policy Report for 11/10/2003

  • EPA Developing Strategy for Valuing Ecological Benefits
  • Texas does not mess with biology textbooks
  • House of Representatives recognizes contributions of Congressional Science Fellows
  • Department of Agriculture Issues Interim Rule on Possession, Use, and Transfer of Biological Agents and Toxins
  • New in BioScience: Will EPA Attain Cabinet Status?
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Public Policy Report for 10/28/2003

  • ACTION ALERT: Letters and calls can help fund the USGS
  • ACTION ALERT: Ecosystem researchers needed to complete funding survey
  • House Government Reform Committee report charges Bush Administration with misuse of science in the political process
  • NIH sets course for increased collaboration with other disciplines
  • AIBS/NCSE Evolution Network complete
  • Applications available: International Young Scientists 2004 summer program
  • Scientists sought for agricultural biotechnology advisory committee
  • Wanted: Beautiful biology experiments
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Public Policy Report for 10/14/2003

  • White House Office of Science and Technology Policy seeking input from research community on research business models; fall workshops announced
  • ACTION ALERT: Help sustain funding for the USGS
  • Update: NRC still seeking comments on updated version of the taxonomy of the life sciences
  • New in BioScience, USGS: Science Serving Society
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 09/29/2003

  • New NAS report calls NEON critical to advancement of environmental biology
  • Federal budget update - Congress passes legislation to fund government through the end of October
  • Scientists brief Capitol Hill on preparing for the next human-wildlife disease
  • British Biological Sciences Research Council holding free media training workshop for BBSRC supported researchers
  • State Evolution Item: Creationism infiltrates Wyoming schools
  • State Evolution Item: Minnesota science standards update
  • ACTION ALERT: Your support could mean an additional $37 million (250 grants and two NEON prototypes) for the biological sciences!
  • Plan to participate: 2004 Congressional Visits Day
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 09/15/2003

  • Senate appropriations cuts funding for NSF BIO research; declines funding for NEON
  • ACTION ALERT: Your support could mean an additional $37 million (250 grants and two NEON prototypes) for the biological sciences!
  • Senate committee proposes increased funding for NSF education and human resources directorate
  • Plan to participate: 2004 Congressional Visits Day
  • White House issues draft guidance on peer review science in the regulatory process
  • State evolution items: Minnesota and Texas
  • NAS to hold convocation on facilitating interdisciplinary research
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Public Policy Report for 09/02/2003

  • NSF Education and Human Resources FY04 appropriations update
  • USFWS proposes new fee schedule for permits; may impact some scientists and collections
  • Michigan overrun with intelligent design legislation
  • Science education victory in New Mexico
  • New in BioScience: New legislation advocates free access to scientific publications, but at what cost?
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Public Policy Report for 08/18/2003

  • Enjoy research funding? Now's the time to tell your members of Congress
  • Attention Texans: Evolution Education Threatened
  • Botanical Society of America issues statement on evolution
  • AIBS Public Policy Office expands with support from Association of Ecosystem Research Centers
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Public Policy Report for 08/04/2003

  • Congress moving toward cuts in agricultural research funding
  • EPA seeks nominations for SAB committee on homeland security
  • Evolution Activists Organize to Combat Pseudoscience in Public Schools
  • Ocean Policymakers Shift Attention Upstream
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Public Policy Report for 07/21/2003

  • House appropriations subcommittee approves 6.2% increase for NSF, includes funds for NEON
  • New coalition will push for increased funding for USGS
  • House passes FY2004 USGS appropriation
  • Creationism threatens Minnesota science standards: AIBS/NCSE launch list serve to combat threat
  • Teacher recruitment legislation approved by House
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Public Policy Report for 07/08/2003

  • Visa delays for international scientists and students may shorten
  • Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology launches online clearinghouse for data on master's education in science
  • National Science Board selects marine biologist as new executive officer
  • Royal Society critical of UK plans for systematic biology
  • Survey of governors shows bleak financial picture for state spending
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Public Policy Report for 06/26/2003

  • Bill to be introduced that would exclude research articles from copyright laws
  • NSF funding action alert: Support for NSF funding low in Senate, your letters and calls needed
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Public Policy Report for 06/23/2003

  • NAS study on NEON underway; several AIBS members submit comments at first meeting
  • AIBS showcases NEON at annual congressional exhibit
  • FY2004 appropriations to get underway soon; subcommittee allocations approved
  • PBS in Florida, NY City and Ohio Will Air Discovery Institute Intelligent Design Video
  • EPA drafting "Report on the Environment" and seeking nominations for advisory board
  • EPA Seeks Scientists for Ozone Review Panel
  • NOW ONLINE: Are University Natural Science Collections Going Extinct?
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 06/09/2003

  • National Science Board Requests Comments on Education and Workforce Report
  • Pew Oceans Commission final report calls for doubling of ocean science research budget
  • Action Alert: Creationists Threaten Louisiana Public Education, Again
  • College Loan Rates Drop to Historic Low
  • State Science Education Profiles Available
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Public Policy Report for 05/27/2003

  • AIBS submits comments on prioritizing infrastructure projects at NSF to NAS committee
  • NAS releases report on EPA STAR fellowship program
  • NAS Committee on NEON meeting June 10, solicits input from biologists
  • NRC requests help identifying subfields in the Life Sciences
  • Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable issues report
  • WANTED: AIBS/NCSE State Evolution List Server Managers
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 05/12/2003

  • European Commission releases roadmap for investing 3% of GDP in research by 2010
  • NSF and Professional Scientific Societies Discuss Interdisciplinarity in Science
  • Anti-Evolution Update: Louisiana and South Carolina (Action Alert)
  • AIBS Announces New Federal Register Resource for Biologists
  • Now Online: The Evolution of Research Taxonomy
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 04/28/2003

  • Action Alert: NSF 'Dear Colleague' letter circulating in the House of Representatives
  • AIBS/ESA chapter on Biological Research Funding in AAAS Report now online
  • Anti-Evolution Developments in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas
  • NASA requesting proposals for biological research
  • Opening for public policy project assistant at AIBS
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 04/15/2003

  • Creationism Makes Gains in Louisiana and Tennessee
  • EU Limits Stem Cell Research, Nebraska Considers Cloning Ban
  • NSF Budget Scrutinized by House and Senate Appropriators
  • AIBS Participates in the 8th Annual Science, Engineering and Technology Congressional Visits Day
  • Biological and Ecological Sciences Coalition and Co-Farm Honor Rep. Nick Smith
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 03/31/2003

  • States to get $100 million for math and science programs
  • Action Alert! Opportunity for biologists to comment on content of GRE Biology Subject Tests
  • Biology programs at NASA - a look at the FY04 budget request
  • Oregon State botanist named Director of NASA's Fundamental Space Biology Program
  • Postdocs organize at the same time their presence in life sciences begins to decline
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 03/17/2003

  • AAAS resolution calls for "fair balance" on federal advisory committees
  • EPA requests nominations for Science Advisory Board Panel on valuing ecological services and systems
  • EPA STAR fellowships reinstated, but proposed FY04 budget cuts funding in half
  • Department of Education releases national report card on science
  • ACTION ALERT: Texas proposal would allow state board to reject textbooks based on religious beliefs
  • EPA extends deadline for comments on isolated wetlands rule
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 03/04/2003

  • West Virginia endorses evolution education, rejects intelligent design
  • House votes to criminalize cloning research
  • Science Education in the FY04 budget
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 02/20/2003

  • Congress finally passes FY03 appropriations - provides for equal distribution of funds among disciplines of 13% increase to NSF Research
  • Science and engineering infrastructure emphasized in President's FY04 request for NSF
  • By the Numbers: A quick comparison of the FY03 and FY04 budget for biology at NSF
  • USGS biology receives small increase in FY04 budget request, other programs cut
  • NRC panel continues process to develop taxonomy of life sciences
  • AIBS participating in April Congressional Visits Day and accepting applications for Emerging Public Policy Leader Award
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 02/03/2003

  • Senate shuns biology in handing out NSF research funds -- again
  • NRC Panel Proposes Elimination of "Evolutionary Biology" from Biological Research Taxonomy
  • President's budget request for FY04 released today
  • Biologist to direct the National Museum of Natural History
  • US Commission on Ocean Policy deliberates policy recommendations
  • AIBS accepting applications for Emerging Public Policy Leader Award
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 01/21/2003

  • Congress finally makes progress on FY03 appropriations; Senate proposes 13.4% increase for NSF Research
  • Smithsonian Science Commission report cites urgent need for improved coordination and funding of scientific research
  • Committee Chairs for 108th Congress announced
  • Final report on the outlook for future of environmental research and education at NSF released
  • AIBS submits comments on NSB report on scientific infrastructure
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 01/06/2003

  • Science: FY04 request for NSF is $1 billion below authorized level
  • Bush Administration releases National Wetlands Mitigation Action Plan
  • Corps of Engineers releases revised regulatory guidance letter on wetlands mitigation
  • What do you want NEON to do for you? AIBS and NSF want to know!
  • Reminder: Comments on NSB Report on Infrastructure due January 9
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 12/20/2002

  • President Bush signs bill to double NSF's budget - AIBS Executive Director O'Grady attends signing ceremony
  • Appropriations waiting game continues
  • National Science Board recommends that NSF spend a bigger share of its budget on infrastructure
  • HHS and APHIS establish new regulations for use of select biological agents
  • National Academies presidents say hurdles to the entry of foreign scientists are damaging US science
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 11.22.2002

  • Congress passes NSF Doubling Bill, but release of funds delayed
  • House Science Committee holds hearing on Aquatic Invasive Species Research Act
  • Congress reauthorizes NOAA Sea Grant
  • Association of Ecosystem Research Centers holds symposium to examine funding for environmental science
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 11/08/2002

  • NAS and NAPA recommend continued, direct government funding for Smithsonian science
  • AAAS Board passes resolution on Intelligent Design Theory
  • NOAA requesting scientist participation in climate change workshop scheduled for December 3-5 in DC
  • AIBS hiring additional public policy staff
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 10/25/2002

  • House and Senate poised to pass NSF Doubling Bill, but opposition from Administration stalls passage
  • Appropriations for most agencies, including NSF, on hold until after elections
  • House appropriators question whether NSF is ready for twice as much money, request study by National Academy of Public Administration
  • EPA, USFWS and NOAA publish final data quality guidelines
  • FASEB President urges Congress to include biology in any increases for NSF
  • Senate passes Sea Grant Reauthorization bill that would require rating of state programs to determine funding allocation
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 10/11/2002

  • BREAKING NEWS. House Appropriators approve 15% increase for NSF Research, including the BIO Directorate, but deny funding for NEON
  • President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology has yet to issue letter, report recommending changes to R&D budget
  • Senate legislation on Department of Homeland Security would create Directorate of Science and Technology
  • NSF raises objections to NSF Doubling Act
  • AIBS seeking biologists to participate in the Science and Engineering Congressional Visits Day, April 2-3, 2003
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 09/27/2002

  • BREAKING NEWS! Georgia county votes to allow teaching creationism in classroom despite caution from NAS, AIBS and Georgia scientists
  • Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation approves National Science Foundation Doubling Act
  • National Research Council report recommends changes in undergraduate biology training; focus is on biomedical research careers
  • House Science Committee examines Heinz report on state of the ecosystems
  • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service issues definition of biological agents and toxins, and requirements and procedures for notification of possession
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 09/13/2002

  • Senate Help, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee approves NSF reauthorization bill with budget-doubling provision
  • AIBS letter seeking increased appropriation for NSF Biology Directorate goes to Congress with more than 1,750 signatures
  • AIBS urges President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology to recognize the need for increased funding for the nonbiomedical biological sciences
  • House appropriations subcommittee will soon determine appropriation for Environmental Protection Agency; sample letter provided by Ecological Society of America
  • Ecological Society of America issues action alert to boost Congressional support for NEON
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 08/30/2002

  • President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology calls for more funding for physical sciences and engineering
  • Council on Environmental Quality seeks comments on National Environmental Policy Act task force
  • David Evans leaves NOAA to become Smithsonian Under-secretary for Science
  • National Research Council report on genetically-modified animals raises concerns about environmental risks
  • Cobb County (Georgia) hit with ID virus
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 08/16/2002

  • UPDATE: 750+ scientists so far have signed the AIBS letter to boost funding for biology at NSF
  • Bureau of Land Management renews Science Advisory Board
  • White House Office of Science and Technology Policy proposes federal actions to update field test requirements for biotechnology-derived plants and to establish early food safety assessments for new proteins produced by such plants
  • National Institutes of Health publishes final "just in time" rule for review of protocols involving live vertebrates
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 08/02/2002

  • Senate Appropriations Committee gives NSF research a 15% boost and raises stipends to $30,000; BIO receives smallest increase for directorates - AIBS action alert planned
  • House Science Committee discusses the issue of overwhelming amounts of data coming from satellites
  • Senate Appropriations Committee restores funding for EPA STAR fellowships, but remainder of research funding is flat
  • Senate appropriators reject administration's "ill conceived" transfer of Sea Grant to NSF
  • NSF briefs scientific societies on its 10-year agenda for environmental research and education
  • EPA Science Advisor Paul Gilman briefs scientific societies on EPA's research agenda
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 07/17/2002

  • House Interior Appropriations subcommittee seeks 1.5% increase for USGS
  • House Resources Committee passes "Sound Science for Endangered Species Planning Act;" while 300 scientists speak out in opposition to bill
  • The Wildlife Society clears biologists of charges of ethical violations in Canada lynx controversy
  • Re-examining the need to publish studies with negative findings some policy implications for science
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 07/05/2002

  • Congress moving slowly on appropriations but Senate Appropriations Committee and House Appropriations subcommittee on Interior pass bills giving USGS small increase and protecting Forest Service Forest and Rangeland Research
  • Senate allocations to appropriations committees may mean uphill battle for National Science Foundation
  • Another Endangered Species Act bill calling for "improved science" debuts
  • Ohio science standards battle heats up with new challenges to age of earth and evolution
  • House Science Committee considers role of science and technology in proposed Department of Homeland Security
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 06/07/2002

  • House overwhelmingly passes NSF reauthorization bill calling for doubling over NSF budget over five years
  • News from the mother country - British parliament calls for increase for taxonomic and systematics research
  • Data quality guidelines issued by federal agencies; analytical errors found in air quality study and peer review system questioned in JAMA
  • Ohio State Board of Education still under pressure to include intelligent design in new state science standards
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 06/21/2002

  • AIBS Member David Lodge testifies at House Science Committee hearing on aquatic invasive species
  • NSF Environmental Research and Education Advisory Committee requests public comment on their working draft report, "A 10-Year Agenda for Environmental Research and Education at NSF"
  • House votes overwhelmingly to approve Sea Grant Reauthorization
  • President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology assessing federal investment in science and technology; will make recommendations for FY04 budget; Senators Bingaman, Lieberman, and Hollings question OMB's efforts to develop and implement criteria to guide investment decisions on federal research
  • White House Office of Management and Budget memo foreshadows Administration's science priorities for FY04
  • Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee holds hearing on NSF reauthorization
  • Smithsonian Science Commission issues interim report; still considering future of Conservation and Research Center
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 05/24/2002

  • National Science Foundation budget reviewed by Senate appropriators and Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation subcommittee on Science
  • House Science committee reauthorization of National Science Foundation sent to full house with provision to double NSF budget over five years
  • Agriculture department criticized for decision to stop hiring foreign scientists for Agricultural Research Service
  • AIBS and thirty other scientific organizations show Congress how NSF funding serves the country
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 05/10/2002

  • NSF reauthorization bill would put agency on track to double budget over five years; bill highlights need for more funds for math and physical sciences
  • House approves bill to create science administrator slot at EPA
  • NSF releases final data quality regulations
  • National Institute of Mental Health publishes handbook on research methods for live animals
  • House and Senate look for ways to fill void left when Office of Technology Assessment abolished in 1996
  • Farm Bill conference report includes Helms amendment to exclude rats, mice, and birds from Animal Welfare Act
  • Follow-up report on NSF BIO Advisory Committee Meeting; new virtual division to be created for integrative research, emerging frontiers
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 04/26/2002

  • House Science Committee questions termination of STAR Fellowship program and proposed budget for EPA research
  • Pew Oceans Commission releases report on coastal sprawl
  • Update on change in leadership of international global climate change panel - scientist out, economist in
  • NSF Advisory Committee on Biological Sciences meets to discuss 21st century biology
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 04/12/2002

  • ACTION ALERT! Letters to Congress needed to help save EPA's Star Fellowship Program
  • Science falls victim in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge debate
  • U.S. Global Climate Change panel may lose top scientist to political pressure
  • Marine Fisheries Advisory Panel open for nominations
  • House Appropriations subcommittee on VA-HUD considers NSF budget request for FY2003
  • Good Morning America report criticizes basic research; scientific societies respond
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 03/29/2002

  • Sea Grant reauthorization clears House Science committee; Administration's proposed transfer of Sea Grant to NSF rejected
  • National Science Foundation publishes research integrity rules
  • New rule proposed on submission of Public Health Service Animal Welfare Assurance
  • Science is focus of two pending bills on the Endangered Species Act
  • White House Office of Management and Budget seeks to improve regulations through "science-based quality regulation"
  • Update on effort to wedge intelligent design into Ohio State Science Standards; Senator Kennedy faces the music on the Santorum amendment
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 03/15/2002

  • House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior suggests that it will reject Administration's proposed cuts for U.S. Geological Survey
  • House Resources Committee hearing on NAS Klamath Basin report launches debate about peer-review and "sound science"
  • Forest Service research budget gets back-to-back reviews
  • House Science Committee considers future funding levels for NSF
  • NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare and Applied Research Ethics National Association release revised guidebook for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees
  • AIBS, ESA team up on chapter for AAAS Budget book
  • USDA seeks nominations for vacancies for the National Agricultural, Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 03/01/2002

  • National Academy's Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy takes first look at Administration's proposed evaluation criteria for basic research
  • House Science subcommittee on Environment, Technology, and Standards hears opposition to proposed move of Sea Grant program to National Science Foundation and proposal to merge the Coastal Ocean Program into Sea Grant
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 02/15/2002

  • Amendment to Senate version of Farm Bill would exclude rats, mice, birds from Animal Welfare Act
  • Congress expresses strong concern about proposed transfers of Sea Grant, USGS toxics research program to NSF; says proposed R&D budget is unbalanced
  • Canadian research funding imbalanced? While government science seats turnover and government releases long-awaited white paper on innovation, promising to double federal R&D spending
  • Additional contributions made to AIBS Public Policy Office operations
  • AIBS/ESA/AERC bioterrorism roundtable on February 22nd
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 02/11/2002

  • »read

Public Policy Report for 02/01/2002

  • AIBS, ESA, AERC to co-host roundtable on bioterror threats to natural and urban ecosystems
  • Fate of Sea Grant, USGS funding still up in the air
  • CARA, CARA-LITE, UNCARA - still another wildlife funding bill on the table
  • Pew Center on Global Climate Change releases report on aquatic ecosystems
  • U.S. Oceans Commission to hold public meeting in Florida to discuss issues of concern in Florida and the Caribbean
  • Newly-named assistant Secretary of the Interior for fish, wildlife, and parks has no scientific background; new Fish and Wildlife Service director finally confirmed
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 01/18/2002

  • Administration may be reconsidering transfer of Smithsonian research funds to NSF
  • Supreme Court won't hear case on teaching evolution in public schools
  • Ohio State Board of Education considering teaching of intelligent design
  • Office of Management and Budget refines data quality guidelines
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 12/19/2001

  • Santorum anti-evolution amendment to Elementary and Secondary Education Act modified, removed from language of final bill
  • Math and Science Partnership provision of Elementary and Secondary Education Act falls far short of intended funding level
  • AIBS aims to persuade OMB to reverse decision on shifting Smithsonian research programs, Sea Grant funding, and portion of USGS funding to NSF
  • NOAA seeks public input on coral reef conservation program implementation guidelines
  • Bush names advisors to President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology with heavy emphasis on technology and economy
  • AIBS participates in stakeholder meeting for Department of Interior strategic plan
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 12/05/2001

  • Administration calls NSF a model agency; denigrates Department of the Interior
  • Administration targets Smithsonian research centers' funding
  • USDA will move forward with development of regulations extending Animal Welfare Act to rats, mice, and birds
  • President Bush creates bioethics advisory committee
  • EPA seeks public input on third global climate change report
  • AIBS teams with member societies on bioterrorism roundtables, USDA announces Homeland Security Council
  • Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry makes it 15 to fund AIBS Public Policy Office expansion
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 11/16/2001

  • The numbers are in for the FY02 NSF, EPA budgets
  • Federal funds approved for pilot program to reinstitute Office of Technology Assessment in Congress
  • President's Science Advisor eliminates position of associate director for environment
  • U.S. Oceans Commission holds second meeting
  • Alabama State Board of Education adopts another textbook evolution disclaimer
  • Association of Ecosystem Research Center scientists take Washington by storm
  • AIBS roundtable on agricultural biosecurity, 11/30, noon - 3, National Press Club, Washington DC
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 11/02/2001

  • White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to have associate director for technology
  • Antiterrorism legislation makes provision for possession of pathogens for research purposes; Congress considers regulation of equipment
  • AIBS initiatives related to bioterrorism
  • Legislation aims to boost home-grown science
  • International phytosanitary standards under review
  • National Science Foundation launches massive effort to rebuild teaching of math and science
  • National Science Board releases report on Federal Research Resources: A Process for Setting Priorities
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 10/19/2001

  • Interior appropriations give USGS, Smithsonian slight increases
  • AAU, AAAS workshop on earmarking attempts to define earmarking and identify possible reform measures
  • Senate considers Bush nominations for science-technology posts
  • National Academy to assess science in Klamath basin water conflict
  • President Bush creates advisory commission on education excellence for Hispanic Americans
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 10/05/2001

  • Office of Management and Budget
    finalizes data quality guidelines
    steps up its role in reviewing regulations
    takes unusual measure in urging new regulations
  • President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology renewed
  • Administration submits formal nomination of Marburger to head Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • Director of Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education nominated to head NOAA
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 09/21/2001

  • The AIBS Public Policy Office grows by one
  • AAAS-recommended scientific expert appointed to aid federal court
  • Update on Smithsonian advisory committee
  • AIBS, member societies to comment on draft Canadian Animal Care and Use Guidelines
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 09/07/2001

  • AIBS protest helps to defeat Hawaii proposal to allow teaching of creationism
  • AIBS and its member societies sign joint letter requesting removal of the "intelligent design" amendment from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  • Effort to persuade administration to fund National Ecological Observatory Network underway
  • AIBS registers concerns about proposed data quality guidelines
  • Museum staff and visitors alert: check your bookstores for anti-evolution materials!
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 07/27/2001

  • AIBS and other scientific societies plan effort to persuade Congress to scuttle the Santorum amendment on evolution
  • AIBS Public Policy Office to expand
  • AIBS Board member and SICB President Marvalee Wake Named to Smithsonian Science Commission
  • AIBS Board endorses FASEB statement supporting stem cell research
  • John Turner likely to be next assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs
  • Appropriations updates: NSF, Agriculture
  • National Research Council releases report on trends in federal support of research and graduate education
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 07/06/2001

  • Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for Interior and Related Agencies rejects budget cuts for USGS
  • OMB proposes guidelines for implementation of data quality law
  • Rep. Rush Holt proposes to re-establish Office of Technology Assessment
  • Bush administration selects science advisor
  • AIBS participates in Evolution 2001 meeting, Marine Conservation Biology Institute meeting
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 06/21/2001

  • Science Committee Chairman and other members of House Science Committee visit AIBS exhibit at CNSF Annual Exhibition and Reception
  • "Intelligent design" steals into Senate amendment to Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  • Update on AIBS Public Policy Initiative
  • Update on reorganization of research programs at the Smithsonian
  • Who's on first in the Senate - use the AIBS Legislative Information Center to track changes in Senate committee chairmanships
  • AIBS on AAAS Panel on Scientific Exchange with Cuba
  • AAAS Annual Report on the federal R&D budget available; AIBS and Ecological Society of America contribute reports
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 06/08/2001

    Science posts in new administration beginning to fill...
  • New science advisor named at Interior Department
  • Bennett Raley nominated as Assistant Secretary for Water and Science at Interior Department
  • White House Science Advisor position still vacant
  • Other news...
  • Director of Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History resigns
  • Good news for USGS in House Appropriations Subcommittee markup
  • Support sought for legislation to create position for Deputy Administrator for Science for EPA
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 05/25/2001

    Priority setting is in the air:
  • National Science Board holds symposium on its draft report The Scientific Allocation of Scientific Resources
  • Science for Society Committee of 100+ issues report on the November 2000 Conference on Basic Research in the Service of Public Objectives
  • Institute of Biology releases report on science policy priorities for 2001
  • Other news:
  • AIBS expresses concern about the potential for Pennsylvania's proposed science education standards to undermine the teaching of evolution
  • Push for deputy administrator for science at EPA clears first hurdle
  • AIBS takes part in effort to prevent budget cuts at U.S. Geological Survey
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 05/11/2001

  • AIBS public policy reports now distributed more broadly, archived online, and open for subscription and reuse
  • Reprieve for the Smithsonian's Conservation and Research Center
  • CRC thanks AIBS
  • Visit your Congressional representatives in August
  • Congressional budget resolution short-changes scientific research
  • AIBS wraps up another successful Congressional Visits Day
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 04/27/2001

  • Report of First National Conference on Science, Policy, and the Environment released
  • Update on the Smithsonian's Conservation and Research Center
  • Ehlers renews call for Science Administrator for EPA
  • AIBS Congressional Handbook distributed
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 4/12/2001

  • Bush budget request not kind to science
  • Smithsonian to close Conservation and Research Center; AIBS registers strong protest and urges members to do likewise
  • AIBS Ethics statement, briefing book from 3/27/01 annual AIBS Council meeting, online
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 3/30/2001

  • Contact your Congressional representatives by mail or in person--but please NO E-MAIL!
  • House Budget Committee approves FY2002 budget resolution
  • Sens. Bond and Mikulski again lead effort to double NSF funding
  • AIBS submits written testimony to House Appropriations Subcommittee on NSF funding
  • Bush education plan debuts in the House as H.R.1, The No Child Left Behind Act
  • White House names new co-chair of the President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology
  • Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson readies NSF Reauthorization bill
  • Arkansas anti-evolution bill defeated, may be reintroduced; Georgia creationism proposal also fails
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 3/16/2001

  • The budget: waiting for the other shoe to drop
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization
  • Revisiting the data release issue
  • Will the new data quality law muzzle government researchers?
  • HHS Office of Research Integrity suspends its new Policy on Instruction in the Responsible Conduct of Research
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 3/2/2001

  • Preview of Bush Budget, effects on scientific research and natural resource management
  • Conservation and Reinvestment Act reintroduced
  • New National Park Service website enhances opportunities for scientific research in the National Parks
  • Race to claim title of education champion is on
  • AIBS expresses support to Kansas Board of Education
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 2/16/2001

  • Join AIBS for Congressional Visits Day
  • Update on the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (Teaming with Wildlife)
  • Another try for endangered species legislation in Canada
  • Reorganization of the House Science Committee
  • Evolution updates: Kansas re-joins the 21st century; Ohio safe for now; the jury is still out on Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Alabama
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 2/1/2001

  • Council on Environmental Quality releases assessment of federal regulation of biotechnology; requests comments
  • Boehlert to head House Science Committee; 1/31/01 speech; Chief of Staff to speak at AIBS Annual Meeting
  • AIBS signs on to recommendations to Congress, Administration for NSF funding; other organizations weigh in
  • Colwell likely to remain at NSF
  • Groat to remain head of U.S. Geological Survey, thanks AIBS for its support
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 1/17/2001

  • Ehlers' science education bills lead off the 107th Congress
  • Ehlers proposes bill to provide for the establishment of the position of Deputy Administrator for Science and Technology of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Supreme Court limits ability of EPA to regulate "isolated" wetlands
  • Final rule on government-university research partnership announced
  • Executive Order outlines responsibilities of federal agencies to protect birds, bird habitat
  • New Kansas school board restores evolution to state science standards
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 1/2/2001

  • Final uniform federal policy on research misconduct announced
  • Link between science and math education and the economy questioned
  • Neal Lane to go to Texas
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 12/13/2000

  • Evolution Town Meeting at AIBS Annual Meeting in March 2001 (Registration now open)
  • Coalition of professional societies to undertake variety of evolution initiatives
  • AIBS and National Council for Science Education co-sponsor evolution listserves in the 50 states
  • Partnerships with AIBS member societies and organizations and individual members to meet the challenges of teaching about evolution
  • Pennsylvania's proposed teaching standards undermine teaching of evolution
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 12/1/2000

  • Marine fisheries susceptible to extinction
  • National Academy of Sciences recommends expanded marine reserves
  • Lawsuits hamper endangered species listings
  • Wild Atlantic salmon in Maine protected as endangered species
  • Montana and Idaho to host grizzly bear reintroductions, with extensive input from the public
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 11/15/2000

  • Proposal sent to AIBS members for expanding the AIBS Public Policy Office, creating Public Issues Council
  • Canadian Species at Risk Act hits dead end
  • Long-awaited Forest Management Planning Regulation announced
  • Forest Service close to final rule on roads
  • No time for evolution in Canada?
  • USDA to subsidize biofuels
  • David Brower, conservation legend, dies
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 10/25/2000

  • Budget roundup; good news for NSF
  • Federal agencies announce unified watershed management strategy
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announces final wildlife refuge compatibility regulations
  • Everglades restoration funding approved by Congress
  • Holt and Morella introduce new science and math education bill
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 10/11/2000

  • USDA regulation of rats, mice, and birds under the Animal Welfare Act
  • National Conference on the Teaching of Evolution held in Berkeley
  • Update on the Conservation and Reinvestment Act
  • Democrats vent spleen on Council of Environmental Quality for abandoning CARA
  • Invasive species report available; comments sought
  • Varmus heralds importance of basic research and champions increases for NSF, Department of Energy Office of Science
  • Appropriations updates
  • House Science Committee holds hearing on benchmarking status of U.S. science
  • Update on Doubling Bill, now supported by Gingrich; AIBS joins other scientific societies in letter to House Science Committee Chairman
  • Presidential Candidates Science and Technology Forum
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 9/29/2000

  • Senate passes alternate version of the Federal Research Investment Act
  • AIBS hosts strategy session on evolution
  • States' grades on teaching evolution reported at AAAS meeting on teaching evolution
  • NAS Panel examines federal recruitment for top science slots
  • Glenn Commission report on science teaching released
  • House Committee on Education and the Workforce considers Ehlers education bill
  • Congressman Nick Smith warns of false claims made by "fear profiteers" in opposition to biotechnology
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 9/18/2000

  • House overwhelmingly passes NASA Authorization Conference Report
  • AIBS participates in Science Coalition lobbying effort for science funding
  • Congressional Research Service report on forest fires and logging
  • Assessing claim that science gets credit for the economy
  • DOE looks at women in science, math, engineering, and technology careers
  • Postdocs need better working conditions, compensation, benefits, say the National Academies
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 9/11/2000

  • »read

Public Policy Report for 8/15/2000

  • CARA comes one step closer to enactment
  • Birds, rats, and mice are animals, too
  • White House briefing on appropriations for NSF, other research accounts
  • AIBS thanks Senators for the "Doubling Bill"
  • Ehlers science education bill clears committee
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 7/21/2000

  • Morella Commission on the Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science, Engineering, and Technology Development releases final report
  • Mikulski, Bond ask Senate colleagues to support doubling of NSF budget
  • Hearing on Ehlers science education bill
  • NSF reauthorization hearings in Senate
  • National Council for Science and the Environment releases Strategic Plan
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 7/18/2000

  • New compact to improve plant protection
  • New Democrats support increased research funding
  • CALFED water agreement reached
  • Rep. Ehlers calls strategy meeting for education bills
  • Bald Eagle stays on endangered species list
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 6/27/2000

  • White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) issues new comprehensive state-by-state report detailing how federal R&D investments drive U.S. economic prosperity and productivity
  • Science education bills introduced in the Senate; progress made in the House
  • Bush makes promises to fund science education
  • House approves appropriations for NSF: no funds for NEON, reduced funds for Biocomplexity budget section, support for NSB report on "Environmental Science and Engineering for the 21st Century"
  • Plant Protection Act signed into law
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 5/30/2000

  • Update on appropriations for NSF, EPA, Agriculture, and USGS
  • Funding for NIH re funding for non-biomedical areas of biology
  • AIBS spotlights NSF programs in Biocomplexity in the Environment Initiative & NEON at Congressional Exhibits Day
  • National Research Council releases report on USDA National Research Initiative
  • »read

Public Policy Report for 5/12/2000

  • Funding allocations for NSF, VA-HUD-IA, Interior not encouraging
  • Forest Service issues draft Environmental Impact Statement on roadless areas while Congress looks at proposed forest management planning regulations
  • Conservation and Reinvestment Act clears House, moves slowly in Senate
  • AIBS and membership co-sponsor advertisement recognizing NSF's 50th anniversary
  • House co-sponsors needed for "Doubling Bill"
  • President proclaims Global Science and Technology Week, May 7-13
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Public Policy Report for 5/4/2000

  • Critical period for research funding; scientists' input needed on Capitol Hill by May 23
  • More public land, more debate
  • Endangered species in Canada
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Public Policy Report for 4/18/2000

    Congressman Ehlers proposes package of science education legislation Congressman Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), Vice Chairman of the House Science Committee, has introduced a three-pack of science education bills aimed at reforming our nation's K-12 science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education. The...
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Public Policy Report for 4/12/2000

    Urge your representative to help Rep. Ehler's push for science funding - Representative Vern Ehlers (R-MI) is urging fellow representatives to sign on to his letter to the chairman and ranking minority member of the full House Appropriations Committee asking...
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Public Policy Report for 3/20/2000

    Expanding the AIBS Public Policy Office - At the November 1999 AIBS Presidents' Summit, strong interest in expanding the AIBS role in public policy was expressed. The most significant result of these discussions was the fundamental agreement that the member...
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Public Policy Report for 3/9/2000

    Science funding: going to Capitol Hill with the wind in our sails - Many of you have heard by now that the President's Budget Request for fiscal year 2001 seeks a gratifying 17.3% increase for the National Science Foundation. The...
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