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BioScience Language Editing

BioScience editors can improve the written English in a biological manuscript in order to enhance its clarity, accuracy, and ease of comprehension for the reader. Through our long experience of editing such manuscripts, we know the solutions to many problems and will change non-standard phrasing and grammar so the text best conveys its message to a broad scientific readership as well as to peer reviewers.

BioScience Language Editing Service

At least two professional biology editors will go over your manuscript, highlighting potential problems and suggesting improvements that will benefit the style and effectiveness of the presentation.

We will return manuscripts of up to 7,500 words within two weeks of receiving them as Microsoft Word documents, text files, or Rich Text Format files. We will use the "Track Changes" function in Word to propose changes. You, as author, will thus have the opportunity to accept, change, or reject each alternative we propose.

Further details:

Manuscripts submitted for language editing should be sent by e-mail to Figures should be provided as separate files. No attachment should exceed 10 MB in size.

We will make recommendations on table layout and formatting and taxonomic identification; however, we will not redraw tables. We will edit table captions.

We will offer suggestions on labeling for figures but will not redraw figures. We will edit figure captions.

We will not edit or format references cited, since the format requirements of journals vary widely, although we will flag inconsistencies that are apparent.

We recommend that you upload your manuscript for our language editing service in its final form, when you are ready to send it to a journal.

We welcome feedback about our language editing service. If a manuscript that we have edited is rejected by a journal on the grounds of inadequate English after our suggestions have been followed, we will re-edit the manuscript one time at no additional charge.

Payment for BioScience language editing services is made by credit card. Download the BioScience language editing contract here. Return the contract by fax or in hard copy; alternatively, send it as an e-mail attachment omitting your credit card details, and call James Verdier at the 'phone number given to provide these.

Disclaimer: This service is independent of the editorial selection process for BioScience. Use of the service does not guarantee that your edited manuscript will be considered suitable for peer review by BioScience if subsequently submitted for publication in BioScience or that it would be accepted for publication.

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