November 1, 2004


As outlined in President Joel Cracraft's editorial, the AIBS Board of Directors has established revised and expanded membership categories to facilitate the participation of the broader biological community in AIBS activities, and vice versa. AIBS's core membership—about 80 societies and institutions, with a combined total membership of nearly 250,000 professional biologists and educators—will now be expanded into four new membership categories for organizations:

  1. Professional scientific societies. Open to all nonprofit biological societies and associations that are membership governed.

  2. Academic units at research and educational institutions of all levels. Open to all nonprofit biological educational associations or educational consortia, as well as academic departments, divisions, or research and teaching centers. Multiple academic units on campuses are welcome to join as members.

  3. Institutions engaged in biological research and public education. Open to all nonprofit biological collections institutions, research or teaching field stations, and consortia of such institutions.

  4. Corporations that share AIBS's mission goals and aspirations. Open to all for-profit organizations and corporations interested in promoting biological science and education.

Organizations in all four membership categories are treated as equals with respect to the appointment of their representative to the AIBS Council (the advisory body to the Board of Directors, AIBS's governing body). As members of the Council, these organizations also have the right to vote up to four of their Council peers onto the 13-seat Board of Directors, depending on the number of vacant board seats in a given year of the election cycle.

Furthermore, effective January 2005, annual dues for all member organizations of AIBS—societies, institutions, academic units, and corporations—are $125. This new dues level applies to current and new members alike. As before, applications from organizations to join AIBS must be approved by vote of the Board of Directors, and while a member of AIBS, an organization is expected to engage in scientific activities that are consistent with the AIBS mission and ethics statements (online at

The AIBS individual membership dues and structure remain unchanged. For more information about AIBS's revised and expanded membership categories for organizations, including newly developing benefits packages, please see organization-membership or contact Richard O'Grady at .

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