April 1, 2005


The Web site of the Entomological Society of America (ESA), an AIBS member society, has undergone a major overhaul (see www.entsoc.org). Among the new features are drop-down screens with supporting navigation bars, as well as full capability to search the entire Web site. These features should help both members of ESA, who number more than 5700, and other users find what they need faster and in a more logical manner. In addition, much of the text has been rewritten with an emphasis on brevity and clarity. For example, dramatic changes in content and organization can be seen in the membership and certification areas.

"As our Web site grew in importance over the past several years, it also grew in complexity. We added sections and pages as responses to issues as they arose. Over time, that caused the site to become cluttered and fractured," said ESA Executive Director Paula Lettice. "We were finally able to take the time to step back, analyze entsoc.org as a comprehensive product, and make improvements from there."

The new site now includes an e-commerce module that allows secure, real-time credit-card payments for transactions such as new member and renewal dues, member subscriptions, and annual meeting registration fees. To add to e-commerce functionality, members and other users will soon be able to update their own records in ESA's member and customer databases.

The new site will also have a "Members Only" section that allows free access to the ESA newsletter, membership directory, and Arthropod Management Tests (an annual database of short reports on screening tests for the management of arthropods). Upcoming improvements include "Ent-Chats" (a series of discussion boards on topics related to membership and entomology), online payment of invoices, and a subscription form for nonmembers, institutions, and agents.

For further information, contact Lisa Spurlock, ESA Society Relations Officer, telephone: 301-731-4535, ext. 3009; e-mail: .

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