November 3, 2008


Staffed by professionals with years of experience working with scientists, lawmakers, and opinion shapers, the AIBS Public Policy Office provides public presentations and small-group training programs that help scientists and educators become effective advocates for science.

A one-hour talk exploring a current science policy issue is usually available on relatively short notice. Themes for these talks include the politics and policy of evolution education, federal funding trends for scientific research and development, and an overview of ongoing science policy issues. These one-hour presentations provide the basic information required to understand the debate surrounding an issue, along with practical steps on how to engage in the public policy discourse.

The AIBS Public Policy Office also offers two-hour, interactive workshops for AIBS member organizations, academic departments, or similar organizations. These workshops afford participants the opportunity to interact with the instructor and others in the course. Participants learn basic skills and gain knowledge that will help them work productively with policymakers, administrators, news reporters, or the public. Depending on the interests and composition of the sponsoring organization, these workshops may be programmed to include a mix of advocacy and media training. Participants receive a tool kit of quick reference materials (e.g., a congressional directory and the AIBS publication Communicating Science: A Primer for Working with the Media).

The AIBS Public Policy Office periodically offers training courses of a half-day or longer that cover a mix of science and education policy issues as well as media relations.

The cost for a one-hour talk on a science policy issue is $1750, plus reĀ­imbursement of the speaker's travel expenses. An optional resource packet may also be purchased. Organizations contributing to the AIBS Public Policy Office at the participant level or higher receive a significant discount.

A two-hour workshop on science policy or media relations is $3000 plus travel expenses for the instructor and a per participant fee for the materials (approximately $30 to $45 per-participant). Organizations contributing to the AIBS Public Policy Office at the Participant level or higher receive a significant discount.

Estimates are available upon request for courses that run a half day or longer. For more information, please contact AIBS at

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