February 3, 2011


Last November, AIBS Public Policy Director Robert Gropp traveled to Portland, Oregon, where he conducted a half-day workshop called "Communicating Science to Policymakers and the Media." The program, sponsored by the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North America (SETAC), was one of several short courses available to SETAC members attending the organization's annual meeting.

"It was a great meeting," Gropp said. "The short-course participants were very engaged...and left the meeting more confident, I think, in their ability to successfully interact with decisionmakers." Gropp also was a guest at the SETAC public relations committee meeting. "Several possibilities for increased AIBS-SETAC collaboration on communicating cutting-edge scientific information to decisionmakers and the media were identified," he said.

The AIBS Public Policy Office offers a range of training workshops designed to help scientists and educators become more comfortable and effective at communicating their work to policymakers and the news media. For more information about these programs, please visit www.aibs.org/public-policy/policy_training.html.

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