September 12, 2017


The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) is excited to celebrate Peer Review Week 2017 (#PeerRevWk17) this week.

AIBS is the national scientific organization committed to promoting informed decision-making that advances the biological sciences for the benefit of science and society. Toward this goal, we promote the use of peer-review to identify quality scientific research and the appropriate application of scientific research to advance food safety and security, public health and wellbeing, environmental quality and sustainability, economic opportunity, and the cultivation of new knowledge.

AIBS does more than celebrate the use of peer-review. Our staff members conduct scientific research on peer-review. Our studies inform the development of best practices in peer review, both for our organization and for the broader scientific community. In 2016, we convened the leadership of our community to discuss current challenges facing the peer review system in the United States. The report from that meeting has already been used by some scientific organizations considering how they can best sustain and improve their peer review systems.

Through our Scientific Peer Advisory and Review Services (SPARS) program, AIBS works with partners and clients to support and conduct peer-review of research proposals. For more than five decades, AIBS has provided independent reviews and evaluations to inform funding decisions made by foundations, universities, government agencies, and other organizations.

AIBS shares peer-reviewed science through our publication, BioScience - a journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles that synthesize the current state of scientific thought in the biological sciences. AIBS science policy activities promote public policy that protects the integrity of the peer-review process and advocates for the use of vetted information in decision-making.

This week, AIBS invites our members, partners, and clients to join with us to promote the use of peer review to advance informed decision-making. Consider sharing a social media post from your organization expressing your support for peer-review and informed decision making. Suggested hash tags include #PeerRevWk17 and #AIBS.

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