The 2019 Issue of BioScience
- Vol. 69, No. 1 -

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An automated audio recorder set by Dr. Camille Desjonquères to register the sounds produced by macroinvertebrate communities in the Rhône floodplain. Some time ago, the monitoring of entire communities and populations with acoustic devices was rare. With the development of tools capable of recording environmental sounds with scheduling options, monitoring programs could be optimized to operate for longer periods. This new trend in data acquisition has promoted the popularization of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) among biologists. Over the past decade, PAM-based research has become widespread, encompassing the investigation of diverse taxa, research subjects, and worldwide regions, allowing new opportunities for ecological research and conservation. A review of the approach and its implications for future research is included in an article in this issue by Larissa Sayuri Moreira Sugai and colleagues. Photograph: Diego Llusia.

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