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Your donation will help AIBS continue being an effective umbrella organization for the biological sciences, particularly for organismal and integrative biology, presenting objective scientific findings relevant to research, education, and public policy on a wide range of issues affecting people and nature.


Donate online now!

To donate by mail, mail your check (and any further instructions as described below) made payable to the American Institute of Biological Sciences to the address below. If you first wish to discuss your potential donation, please contact us. AIBS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To view recent AIBS financial statements and tax filings, please see our listing online at GuideStar.

Directed Donations

You may direct your donation to support the following AIBS activities (choose all that apply; multiple choices will receive equal funding)

  • The AIBS journal, BioScience, disseminating biological knowledge around the world for more than 50 years
  • The AIBS Education and Outreach Office staffing and activities
  •, AIBS's bilingual education website (English and Spanish), providing teachers with free articles, lesson plans, and other resources on current topics in biology, including biodiversity, environment, genomics, biotechnology, evolution, and new frontiers.
  • The AIBS Public Policy Office staffing and activities, promoting science in public policy decisions
  • The AIBS Scientific Peer-Review Services division, supporting science in public/private funding decisions
  • The AIBS General Operating Funds reserve

Continuing Support

To offer continuing support, you may request to be invoiced each year for the donated amount.

Gift Donations

For donations made as gifts, AIBS will send an acknowledgement if you provide a name and e-mail address or postal address for the recipient.


Please indicate whether we may list you as an AIBS donor or if you prefer to make this donation anonymously.

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