The AIBS Education Office provides analysis and communication for the AIBS Board, Headquarters Office, and Education Committee on issues of import to the AIBS membership and the larger scientific community. Reports are broadly disseminated by email every few months to AIBS membership leaders and contacts. Special reports are sent more frequently as needed. We have archived these reports here for your information and attention. Read about each report's contents below, then click to read the complete text.

New Publications and Reports

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Get Involved

  • Want to join a community of educators working to support and recognize change within academic departments in undergraduate life sciences education? Join the PULSE community to exchange ideas, provide feedback, and share resources.

  • Do you teach about global change? Take the “Global Change” survey to help UCMP and NSCE get a better sense of how educators view global change, the importance of teaching it, and the resources available for doing so.

  • Do you teach genetics? The American Society for Human Genetics is seeking proposals to investigate research questions related to genetics education in grades 7-20.

  • Explore new models of instruction for the undergraduate classroom at the HHMI/National Academies Summer Institutes on Undergraduate Education. Here are the regional institutes still accepting applications:

    » Midwest: Deadline - May 29, 2013 » Mountain West: Deadline - April 26, 2013 » Gulf Coast: Deadline - May 10, 2013 » West Virginia: Deadline - April 15, 2013

  • Register for one of the NSF-sponsored Interactive Web-based Workshops to gain a competitive edge and learn how define project goals, expected outcomes, evaluation questions, and more.

    » Introduction to TUES (Thurs 4/25) » Proposal Strategy (Tues 4/23) » Goals and Expected Outcomes (Tues 4/16 and Thurs 4/18) » Project Evaluation (Weds 4/24) » Broader Impacts (Weds 4/17 and Tues 4/30) » Impact and Transportability (Weds 5/1)

  • Involved in providing graduate student professional development? If so, become a part of the new BioTAP network.

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Attend a Conference

American Society for Microbiology’s Conference on Undergraduate Education, May 16-19 in Denver, CO.

BioQUEST’s HHMI Quantitative Summer Conference, June 10-16 at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

Annual Association for Biology Laboratory Educators (ABLE) Conference, June 25-28 at the University of Calgary in Alberta, CA.

Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research 2013 National Meeting, July 11-14 at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in Minneapolis, MN.

National Association of Biology Teachers Professional Development Conference November 20-23 in Atlanta. GA.

Annual Meeting of the Association of College and University Biology Educators (ACUBE), October 18-19 in Indianapolis, ID.

Project Kaleidoscope’s “Transforming STEM Education: Inquiry, Innovation, Inclusion, and Evidence” October 31-November 2 in San Diego, CA.

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