The AIBS Education Office provides analysis and communication for the AIBS Board, Headquarters Office, and Education Committee on issues of import to the AIBS membership and the larger scientific community. Reports are broadly disseminated by email every few months to AIBS membership leaders and contacts. Special reports are sent more frequently as needed. We have archived these reports here for your information and attention. Read about each report's contents below, then click to read the complete text.

Training Graduate Students to have Broader Impacts

Learn how the biology department at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign developed a course to teach science communication and outreach to their graduate students in “Amplify the Signal: Graduate Training in Broader Impacts of Scientific Research”, available via Advance Access with a subscription to BioScience.

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Using PULSE Tools for Institutional Change

Is your department engaged in working on broad-scale improvements to improve undergraduate student learning? If so:

  • Visit the new PULSE Community Stories of Change Map for inspiration, motivation, and new connections to others in the PULSE Community who are engaged departmental transformations.
  • Use the PULSE Vision & Change Rubrics with your colleagues as a tool for departmental reflection and also consider entering data about your own life sciences program.

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Supporting Women in STEM Fields

Is your institution interested in creating environments that support the success of women scholars in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields? The StratEGIC Toolkit offers research-based advice about strategic interventions, grounded in the experiences of institutions that have implemented Institutional Transformation projects under the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE program.

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Developing an Interdisciplinary Program

Join BioQUEST at the new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory at the University of Delaware from June 21-28 for a week of exploring effective pedagogies to engage undergraduates in quantitative explorations of the natural sciences. BioQUEST workshops are ideal for two- and four-year faculty interested in exploring improved methods for teaching biology and other STEM subjects. For more information, visit Interdisciplinary STEM Education for Millennial Students and be sure to register by the May 9th deadline.

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Understanding Teaching Practices

AAAS has released a new publication on Describing & Measuring Undergraduate Teaching Practices. The publication discusses the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to measuring undergraduate teaching practices, including faculty and student surveys, faculty interviews, classroom observations, portfolios, and other artifacts. This report represents the collective wisdom of 60 faculty members, evaluators, researchers, and administrators who participated in workshop planning activities.

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Attend A Conference

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