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May 19, 9:00 AM - 12 PM
Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel
14th and K Streets NW, Washington DC 20005
Lafayette Park Room

The AIBS Board met on May 18th for their spring meeting and focused on strategic planning for the next 5 - 10 years. This meeting was followed by our Annual Council meeting on May 19th.

We met with members for morning discussions and broke out into groups to hear about how-- with respect to both content and process -- AIBS's short- and long-range programmatic plans could be shaped to increase the opportunities for our member societies and organizations to collaborate with AIBS on research, education, and public policy issues in the biological sciences to everyone's benefit.

Updates on AIBS programs were provided:

  • Strategic Planning Overview and Goals: Including the Board's four-fold charge to the Long-Range Planning Committee:

    1. Working with the AIBS department heads, to refine the discussions about the mission of AIBS to suggest to the Board a cohesive direction for the next 5-10 years, exploiting AIBS's particular strengths and moving away from activities that don't play to those strengths;
    2. To make recommendations about the optimal structure of the Board that will enhance the continuity of leadership across years and provide a balanced distribution of expertise in any given year so as to support the overall mission and strengthen our ability to sustain longer term initiatives;
    3. To recommend a schedule of and format for the meetings (in person or online) of the Board, Council, and the Executive Committee that enhance their abilities to act effectively;
    4. To recommend a plan for scientific meetings sponsored by AIBS that replace the annual meeting and that will represent critical elements in fulfilling the AIBS mission.
  • AIBS Membership and Community Programs: including membership trends, benefits, and communication strategies; community programs; public programs including Year of Science 2009, COPUS and USA Science and Engineering Festival.

  • AIBS Education activities: including active members who participate in education activities; peer networking; faculty recognitions; reflective teaching.

  • AIBS Public policy and public affairs activities: including our active member societies; AIBS public policy and media communications; policy analysis and advocacy.

  • AIBS Publishing activities: including discussions of BioScience, ActionBioscience.org, and the potential for collaborative publishing projects with AIBS members.

We will continue asking for your ideas and recommendations on strategic planning as the year rolls on. Draft documents will be posted for commentary; web surveys will be conducted.

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