Laboratory of Molecular Systematics and Evolutionary Genetics
Florida Museum of Natural History
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Dr. Pamela S. Soltis is Curator of the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics and Evolutionary Genetics at the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida. She received her PhD from the Department of Botany at the University of Kansas in 1986. She has served on the Councils of the Society for the Study of Evolution, the American Society of Plant Taxonomists, the American Genetics Association, and the Society of Systematic Biologists. She served a three-year term as Secretary of the Botanical Society of America and is currently the President of the Society of Systematic Biologists. She also serves as an Associate Editor for the journals Evolution and Systematic Biology.

Dr. Soltis has assisted in the development of educational websites for the Tree of Life and the diversity of flowers, worked on exhibits for natural history museums on the diversity of plants (in collaboration with the Peabody Museum, Yale), participated in a program called Sensational Science, and has served as a consultant to Lincoln Middle School science teachers for development of "paleobotany garden" and molecular biology.

Dr. Soltis research interests are angiosperm phylogeny, the evolution of the flower, phylogeography, polyploidy, and conservation genetics. For 10 years, she taught Introductory Biology to college freshmen; she now teaches an undergraduate plant taxonomy course and graduate courses in molecular systematics, systematic theory, and angiosperm phylogeny.

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