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Federal Register Summary for week of 15 July


  • Competitive and Noncompetitive Non-Formula Federal Assistance Programs--Administrative Provisions for the Sun Grant Program

    AGENCY: National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA.

    ACTION: Final rule.

    SUMMARY: The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) is adopting as final, without change, an interim rule (published at 75 FR 70578 on November 18, 2010) that established a set of specific administrative requirements for the Sun Grant Program as subpart O to 7 CFR part 3430, to supplement the Competitive and Noncompetitive Non- formula Federal Assistance Programs--General Award Administrative Provisions for this program.

    DATES: This final rule is effective on July 11, 2011.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Carmela Bailey, National Program Leader, Division of Bioenergy, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, STOP 3356, 1400 Independence Avenue, Washington, DC 20250-3356; Voice: 202-401-6443; Fax: 202-401-4888; E-mail:

  • Commerce

  • Nominations to the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee

    AGENCY: Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).

    ACTION: Notice; request for nominations.

    SUMMARY: Nominations are being sought for appointment by the Secretary of Commerce to serve on the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC or Committee) beginning in January 2012. MAFAC is the only Federal advisory committee with the responsibility to advise the Secretary of Commerce (Secretary) on all matters concerning living marine resources that are the responsibility of the Department of Commerce. The Committee makes recommendations to the Secretary to assist in the development and implementation of Departmental regulations, policies and programs critical to the mission and goals of the NMFS. Nominations are encouraged from all interested parties involved with or representing interests affected by NMFS actions in managing living marine resources. Nominees should possess demonstrable expertise in a field related to the management of living marine resources and be able to fulfill the time commitments required for two annual meetings. Individuals serve for a term of three years for no more than two consecutive terms if re-appointed. NMFS is seeking qualified nominees to fill upcoming vacancies being created by term limits.

    DATES: Nominations must be postmarked or have an e-mail date stamp on or before August 26, 2011.

    ADDRESSES: Nominations should be sent to Dr. Mark Holliday, Executive Director, MAFAC, Office of Policy, NMFS F-14451, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mark Holliday, MAFAC Executive Director; (301) 479-8004; e-mail:

  • Technical Inputs and Assessment Capacity on Topics Related to 2013 U.S. National Climate Assessment

    AGENCY: Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Commerce (DOC).

    Request for Information: Technical Inputs and Assessment Capacity Related to Regional, Sectoral, and Cross-Cutting Assessments for the 2013 U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA) Report and the Ongoing NCA Process.

    ACTION: Request for information.

    SUMMARY: This request for information (RFI) seeks comments and expressions of interest from the public in providing technical inputs and/or offering assessment capacity on topics related to National Climate Assessment (NCA) regional, sectoral, and cross-cutting topics proposed for the 2013 NCA report and the ongoing NCA process. More information on the NCA process, including the strategic plan, proposed report outline, and information about the National Climate Assessment Development and Advisory Committee (NCADAC), can be found at

    Teams of experts and/or individuals in climate-related fields ("teams'') interested in providing inputs to the NCA are encouraged to review the "Potential Technical Inputs and Assessment Capacities'' and "Suggested Best Practices'' available online at and to prepare a short expression of interest (EOI) describing their anticipated inputs. All EOIs submitted in response to this notice must include a primary point of contact and contact information (phone number, mailing address, e-mail address, Web site if applicable, institutional affiliation(s) if applicable). In addition, it is recommended that EOIs include the specific NCA topic(s) of interest, a short description of the input(s) the team intends to provide, and background information about the team and sponsoring organization.

    A full draft of the NCA report is anticipated by mid-2012, so that scientific and subject-matter experts and the broader public will have sufficient time to review the draft and provide comments to the NCADAC on its content. A full year is planned to review and revise the report, with a planned release in mid-2013. Technical inputs should be provided well in advance of these deadlines, with target dates for activities and inputs as follows:

    Now-Summer 2011: Expressions of interest; Initial work plans.

    Now-Fall 2011: Teams conduct activities (workshops, literature reviews, modeling runs, etc.).

    December 2011-February 1, 2012: Initial inputs, including draft reports.

    March 1, 2012: Final inputs, including full reports.

    After March 1, 2012: Continued development and delivery of ongoing assessment capacity.

    While the NCADAC welcomes inputs to the NCA, it is not able to make commitments about how these inputs will be used in the 2013 NCA report. In addition, neither the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) nor the NCADAC are responsible for funding the work of teams that choose to provide inputs. This notice pertains only to the underlying data, reports, other technical inputs, and assessment capacities offered to the NCA, and not to the writing of the 2013 NCA report, which is under the purview of the NCADAC. Although the emphasis in this RFI is on contributions made in time for the 2013 NCA report, contributions that are not received in time for the report will be retained and may be used in the ongoing, sustained assessment process. Some assessment contributions may be specifically targeted to such an ongoing process.

    All submissions will be provided to the NCADAC. Ultimately, technical inputs that are determined to meet information quality and scientific rigor standards (expected to be developed by the NCADAC in the coming months) may be posted in the publicly-accessible NCA online database. In the interim, teams are encouraged to review Federal information quality requirements (available from for general guidance.

    Response Instructions: General comments and expressions of interest should be submitted via e-mail to Emily Therese Cloyd, NCA Public Participation and Engagement Coordinator, at The suggested format for the expressions of interest is described below.

    Comments and expressions of interest may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

    Responses to this notice cannot be accepted by the government to form a binding contract or issue a grant. Information obtained as a result of this request may be used by the government for program planning on a non-attribution basis. Do not include any information that might be considered proprietary or confidential.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Any questions about the content of this request should be sent to Emily Therese Cloyd, NCA Public Participation and Engagement Coordinator, US Global Change Research Program Office, 1717 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Suite 250, Washington, DC 20006, Telephone (202) 223-6262, Fax (202) 223-3065, e-mail For more information about the NCA process, including the strategic plan, proposed report outline, and information about the NCADAC, please visit

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Science Advisory Board Staff Office; Notification of a Public Teleconference of the Chartered Science Advisory Board

    AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    ACTION: Notice.

    SUMMARY: The EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB) Staff Office announces a public teleconference of the Chartered SAB on July 28, 2011 to conduct a quality review of a draft SAB report, Review of EPA's Draft Oil Spill Research Strategy.

    DATES: The public teleconference will be held on July 28, 2011 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time).

    ADDRESSES: The public teleconference will be conducted by telephone only.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Any member of the public wishing to obtain general information concerning the public teleconference may contact Dr. Angela Nugent, Designated Federal Officer (DFO). Dr. Nugent may be contacted at the EPA Science Advisory Board (1400R), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20460; or by telephone/voice mail at (202) 564-2188; fax at (202) 565-2098; or e-mail at General information concerning the EPA Science Advisory Board can be found on the EPA Web site at

  • Interior

  • Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Habitat Conservation Plan for Commercial Wind Energy Developments Within Nine States

    AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

    ACTION: Notice of intent; announcement of public scoping meetings; request for comments.

    SUMMARY: We, the Fish and Wildlife Service, as lead agency advise the public that we intend to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) on a proposed application, including a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), for an Incidental Take Permit (ITP) under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended. The potential ITP would include federally listed and candidate species within portions of nine states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas).

    The activities covered by a potential ITP would include regional- level construction, operation, and maintenance associated with multiple commercial wind energy facilities. The planning partners are currently considering, for inclusion in the HCP, certain species listed as federally threatened or endangered, or having the potential to become listed during the life of the HCP, and having some likelihood of being taken by the applicant’s activities within the proposed permit area. The intended effect of this notice is to gather information from the public to develop and analyze the effects of the potential issuance of an ITP that would facilitate wind energy development within the planning area, while minimizing incidental take and mitigating the effects of any incidental take to the maximum extent practicable.

    We provide this notice to (1) Describe the proposed action; (2) advise other Federal and state agencies, potentially affected tribal interests, and the public of our intent to prepare an EIS; (3) announce the initiation of a 90-day public scoping period; and (4) obtain suggestions and information on the scope of issues and possible alternatives to be included in the EIS.

    DATES: To ensure consideration, we must receive your written comments on or before October 12, 2011. For approximate public meeting dates, see “Public Meetings” in the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section below.

    ADDRESSES: Send your comments or request for information by any one of the following methods:

    U.S. Mail: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, P.O. Box 1306, Albuquerque, NM 87103-1306; Attention: Laila Lienesch;

    Facsimile: 505/248-6922 (Attention: Laila Lienesch);

    E-Mail:; or

    Toll-Free Telephone Message Service: 800/815-8927.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Laila Lienesch at 505/248-6494 or, Amelia Orton-Palmer at 303/236-4211 or, or Marty Tuegel at 505/248-6651 or Individuals who are hearing impaired or speech impaired may call the Federal Relay Service at 800/877-8337 for TTY assistance.

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  • NASA Advisory Council; Education and Public Outreach Committee; Meeting

    AGENCY: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

    ACTION: Notice of meeting.

    SUMMARY: In accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, Public Law 92-463, as amended, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announces a meeting of the Education and Public Outreach Committee of the NASA Advisory Council.

    DATES: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., Local Time.

    ADDRESSES: NASA Ames Research Center, Building 3, NASA Ames Conference Center Northwing Room, 500 Severyns Road, Moffett Field, CA 94035.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: This meeting will also take place telephonically and via WebEx. Any interested person should contact Ms. Erika G. Vick, Executive Secretary for the Education and Public Outreach Committee, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, DC, at, no later than 4 p.m., local time, July 29, 2011, to get further information about participating via teleconference and/or WebEx.

  • NASA Advisory Council; Science Committee; Meeting

    AGENCY: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

    ACTION: Notice of meeting.

    SUMMARY: In accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, Public Law 92-462, as amended, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announces a meeting of the Science Committee of the NASA Advisory Council (NAC). This Committee reports to the NAC. The meeting will be held for the purpose of soliciting, from the scientific community and other persons, scientific and technical information relevant to program planning.

    DATES: Tuesday, August 2, 7:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., Local Time, and Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Local Time.

    ADDRESSES: NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Ames Conference Center, Building 3, 500 Severyns Avenue, Moffett Field, CA 94035.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. Marian Norris, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC 20546, (202) 358-4452, fax (202) 358-1377, or

  • National Science Foundation

  • Advisory Panel for Integrative Activities, 1373; Notice of Meeting

    In accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (Pub. L. 92- 463, as amended), the National Science Foundation announces the following meeting.

    Name: Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on the Merit Review Process (MRPAC).

    Date/Time: July 28, 2011 12 p.m.-4 p.m., EDT.

    Place: National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room II-515, Arlington, VA.

    Type of Meeting: Open.

    Contact Person: Ms. Victoria Fung, National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room II-515, Arlington, VA 22230. E-mail: Telephone: (703) 292-8040.

    If you plan to attend the meeting, please send an e-mail with your name and affiliation to the individual listed above, by the day before the meeting, so that a visitor badge can be prepared.

    Purpose of Meeting: To provide advice on topics related to NSF's merit review process.


    Welcome, introductions and charge to the committee

    Presentation and discussion: The merit review process

    Discussion: Strategy for outreach and engagement

  • Agency Information Collection Activities: Comment Request

    AGENCY: National Science Foundation.

    ACTION: Submission for OMB review; comment request.

    SUMMARY: The National Science Foundation (NSF) has submitted the following information collection requirement to OMB for review and clearance under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, Public Law 104-13. The full submission may be found at: This is the second notice; the first notice was published at 76 FR 24061 and no substantial comments were received. Comments regarding (a) whether the collection of information is necessary for the proper performance of the functions of the agency, including whether the information will have practical utility; (b) the accuracy of the agency's estimate of burden including the validity of the methodology and assumptions used; (c) ways to enhance the quality, utility and clarity of the information to be collected; and (d) ways to minimize the burden of the collection of information on those who are to respond, including through the use of appropriate automated, electronic, mechanical, or other technological collection techniques or other forms of information technology should be addressed to: Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs of OMB, Attention: Desk Officer for National Science Foundation, 725 17th Street, NW., Room 10235, Washington, DC 20503, and to Suzanne H. Plimpton, Reports Clearance Officer, National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 295, Arlington, Virginia 22230 or send email to Comments regarding these information collections are best assured of having their full effect if received within 30 days of this notification. Copies of the submission(s) may be obtained by calling 703-292-7556.

    NSF may not conduct or sponsor a collection of information unless the collection of information displays a currently valid OMB control number and the agency informs potential persons who are to respond to the collection of information that such persons are not required to respond to the collection of information unless it displays a currently valid OMB control number.

    SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Title of Collection: Fellowship Applications and Award Forms.

    OMB Approval Number: 3145-0023.

    Type of Request: Intent to seek approval to extend without revision an information collection for three years.


    Section 10 of the National Science Foundation Act of 1950 (42 U.S.C. 1861 et seq.), as amended, states that "The Foundation is authorized to award, within the limits of funds made available * * * scholarships and graduate fellowships for scientific study or scientific work in the mathematical, physical, biological, engineering, social, and other sciences at accredited U.S. institutions selected by the recipient of such aid, for stated periods of time.''

    The Graduate Research Fellowship Program is designed to meet the following objectives:

    To select, recognize, and financially support individuals with the demonstrated potential to be high achieving scientists and engineers.

    To broaden participation in science and engineering.

    The list of GRFP Fellows sponsored by the Foundation may be found via FastLane through the NSF Web site: The GRF Program is described in the Solicitation available at:

    Estimate of Burden: This is an annual application program providing three years of support to individuals, usable over a five-year fellowship period. The application deadline is the third week in November. It is estimated that each submission is averaged to be 12 hours per respondent.

    Respondents: Individuals.

    Estimated Number of Responses: 12,000.

    Estimated Total Annual Burden on Respondents: 144,000 hours.

    Frequency of Responses: Annually.

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