• Atlantic Highly Migratory Species; Advisory Panel

    AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Commerce.

    ACTION: Notice; solicitation of nominations.

    SUMMARY: NMFS solicits nominations for the Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Advisory Panel (AP). NMFS consults with and considers the comments and views of the HMS AP when preparing and implementing Fishery Management Plans (FMPs) or FMP amendments for Atlantic tunas, swordfish, sharks, and billfish. Nominations are being sought to fill approximately one-third (11) of the seats on the HMS AP for a 3-year appointment. Individuals with definable interests in the recreational and commercial fishing and related industries, environmental community, academia, and non-governmental organizations are considered for membership on the HMS AP.

    DATES: Nominations must be received on or before November 24, 2014.

    ADDRESSES: You may submit nominations and requests for the Advisory Panel Statement of Organization, Practices, and Procedures by any of the following methods:

    Email: Include in the subject line the following identifier: "HMS AP Nominations.''

    Mail: Jenni Wallace, Highly Migratory Species Management Division, NMFS, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

    Fax: 301-713-1917.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jenni Wallace at (301) 427-8503.

  • Science Advisory Board (SAB)

    AGENCY: Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Commerce (DOC).

    ACTION: Notice of open meeting.

    SUMMARY: The Science Advisory Board (SAB) was established by a Decision Memorandum dated September 25, 1997, and is the only Federal Advisory Committee with responsibility to advise the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere on strategies for research, education, and application of science to operations and information services. SAB activities and advice provide necessary input to ensure that National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) science programs are of the highest quality and provide optimal support to resource management.

    Time and Date: The meeting will be held Monday, November 17, 2014 from 8:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST and on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST. These times and the agenda topics described below are subject to change. Please refer to the Web page for the most up-to-date meeting times and agenda.

    Place: The meeting will be held at the Sheraton Silver Spring in the Magnolia Ballroom, 8777 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910. Please check the SAB Web site for directions to the meeting location.

    Status: The meeting will be open to public participation with a 15- minute public comment period on November 17 from 5:15-5:30 p.m. EST (check Web site to confirm time). The SAB expects that public statements presented at its meetings will not be repetitive of previously submitted verbal or written statements. In general, each individual or group making a verbal presentation will be limited to a total time of two (2) minutes. Individuals or groups planning to make a verbal presentation should contact the SAB Executive Director by November 12, 2014, to schedule their presentation. Written comments should be received in the SAB Executive Director's Office by November 12, 2014, to provide sufficient time for SAB review. Written comments received by the SAB Executive Director after November 12, 2014, will be distributed to the SAB, but may not be reviewed prior to the meeting date. Seating at the meeting will be available on a first-come, first- served basis.

    Special Accommodations: These meetings are physically accessible to people with disabilities. Requests for special accommodations may be directed no later than 12:00 p.m. on November 12, 2014, to Dr. Cynthia Decker, SAB Executive Director, SSMC3, Room 11230, 1315 East-West Hwy., Silver Spring, MD 20910; Email:

    Matters To Be Considered: The meeting will include the following topics: (1) NOAA Response to the comments from the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Science Program Advisory Working Group (RSPAWG) on the NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program Draft Science Plan; (2) Proposed New NOAA Criteria for the Review of Cooperative Institutes; (3) Sea Grant Advisory Board Biennial Report to Congress; (4) NOAA Storm Surge and Ecological Forecasting Road Maps: A Synergy for Advancing Resilient Communities; (5) Update on the NOAA Social Science Tiger Team Report; (6) SAB Strategy Session; (7) NOAA Update; and (8) Working Group Updates.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Dr. Cynthia Decker, Executive Director, Science Advisory Board, NOAA, Rm. 11230, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910. (Phone: 301-734-1156, Fax: 301- 713-1459). Email:; or visit the NOAA SAB Web site at

  • Defense

  • Definition of "Waters of the United States'' Under the Clean Water Act Proposed Rule; Notice of Availability

    AGENCIES: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), Department of the Army, Department of Defense; and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    ACTION: Proposed rule; notice of availability.

    SUMMARY: This document announces the availability of the Science Advisory Board's (SAB) final peer review of the EPA's draft report Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis. This document has been placed in the docket for the EPA and the Corps proposed rule "Definition of `Waters of the United States' Under the Clean Water Act.''

    DATES: The public comment for the proposed rule closes on November 14, 2014.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. Donna Downing, Office of Water (4502-T), Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20460; telephone number 202-566-2428; email address:

  • Energy

  • Commission To Review the Effectiveness of the National Energy Laboratories

    AGENCY: Department of Energy.

    ACTION: Notice of open meeting.

    SUMMARY: This notice announces an open meeting of the Commission to Review the Effectiveness of the National Energy Laboratories (Commission). The Commission was created pursuant section 319 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2014, Public Law No. 113-76, and in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), as amended, 5 U.S.C. App. 2. This notice is provided in accordance with the Act.

    DATES: Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

    ADDRESSES: TCS Conference Center, Argonne National Laboratory, Theory and Computing Sciences Building (Building 240), 9700 South Cass Avenue, Lemont, IL 60439.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Karen Gibson, Designated Federal Officer, U.S. Department of Energy, 1000 Independence Avenue SW., Washington, DC 20585; telephone: (202) 586-3787; email:

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Good Neighbor Environmental Board Notification of Public Advisory Committee Teleconference

    AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    ACTION: Notice of Public Advisory Committee Teleconference.

    SUMMARY: Pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act, Public Law 92- 463, notice is hereby given that the Good Neighbor Environmental Board (Board) will hold a public teleconference on October 30, 2014 from 11:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Due to budgetary issues, EPA is announcing this teleconference with less than 15 calendar days public notice. The meeting is open to the public. For further information regarding the teleconference and background materials, please contact Ann-Marie Gantner at the number provided below.

    Background: The Good Neighbor Environmental Board is a federal advisory committee chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, PL 92-463. By statute, the Board is required to submit an annual report to the President and Congress on environmental and infrastructure issues along the U.S. border with Mexico.

    Purpose of Meeting: The purpose of this teleconference is to discuss and approve the Board's Sixteenth Report, which focuses on ecological restoration in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

    General Information: The agenda and teleconference materials will be available at under Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OA- 2014-0001. General information about the Board can be found on its Web site at

    If you wish to make oral comments or submit written comments to the Board, please contact Ann-Marie Gantner at least five days prior to the teleconference. Written comments should be submitted at under Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OA-2014-0001.

    Meeting Access: For information on access or services for individuals with disabilities, please contact Ann-Marie Gantner at (202) 564-4330 or email at To request accommodation of a disability, please contact Ann-Marie Gantner at least 10 days prior to the meeting to give EPA as much time as possible to process your request.

  • Health and Human Services

  • Office of the Director, Program on Biosecurity and Biosafety Policy; Notice of Meeting

    Pursuant to section 10(a) of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, as amended (5 U.S.C. App.), notice is hereby given of the meeting of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB).

    Name of Committee: National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity.

    Date: October 22, 2014.

    Time: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Eastern Time (Times are approximate and subject to change).

    Agenda: Presentations and discussions regarding: (1) Overview of recent Federal policies regarding biosafety and biosecurity; and (2) other business of the Board.

    Place: National Institutes of Health, Building 31; 6th Floor, Conference Room 6, Bethesda, Maryland.

    Contact Person: Carolyn Mosby, NSABB Program Assistant, NIH Program on Biosecurity and Biosafety Policy, 6705 Rockledge Drive, Suite 750, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, (301) 435-5504,

    Under authority 42 U.S.C. 217a, Section 222 of the Public Health Service Act, as amended, the Department of Health and Human Services established the NSABB to provide advice regarding federal oversight of dual use research, defined as biological research that generates information and technologies that could be misused to pose a biological threat to public health and/or national security.

    The meeting will be open to the public, however pre-registration is strongly recommended due to space limitations. Persons planning to attend may register online at: or by calling Palladian Partners, Inc. (Contact: Joel Yaccarino at 301- 650-8660). Online registration will close at 12:00 p.m. Eastern the day before the meeting. After that time, you will need to register onsite on the day of the meeting, from 7:15 a.m. Eastern. Individuals who plan to attend and need special assistance, such as sign language interpretation or other reasonable accommodations, should indicate these requirements upon registration.

    This meeting will also be webcast. To access the webcast and meeting information, including the draft meeting agenda and the registration link, connect to: Please check this site for updates.

    Time will be allotted on the agenda for oral public comment, with presentations limited to three minutes per speaker. Sign-up for oral public comments will begin at approximately 7:45 a.m. on October 22, 2014, and will be restricted to one sign-in per person. In the event that time does not allow for all those interested to present oral comments, any interested person may file written comments with the committee by forwarding the statement to the Contact Person listed on this notice. The statement should include the name, address, telephone number and when applicable, the business or professional affiliation of the interested person. In addition, any interested person may submit written comments to the NSABB prior to the meeting by sending the comments to the Contact Person listed on this notice by 5:00 p.m. Eastern on October 20, 2014. Written comments should include the name, address, telephone number and when applicable, the business or professional affiliation of the interested person. Any written comments received after the deadline will be provided to the Committee either before or after the meeting, depending on the volume of comments received and the time required to process them in accordance with privacy regulations and other applicable Federal policies.

    In the interest of security, NIH has instituted stringent procedures for entrance onto the NIH campus. All visitor vehicles, including taxis, hotel, and airport shuttles will be inspected before being allowed on campus. Visitors will be asked to show one form of identification (for example, a government-issued photo ID, driver's license, or passport) and to state the purpose of their visit.

  • Institute of Museum and Library Services

  • Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board

    AGENCY: Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), NFAH.

    ACTION: Notice of meeting.

    SUMMARY: The National Museum and Library Services Board, which advises the Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services on general policies with respect to the duties, powers, and authority of the Institute relating to museum, library and information services, will meet on November 13, 2014.

    DATE AND TIME: Thursday, November 13, 2014, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST.

    PLACE: The meeting will be held at the Institute of Museum and Library Services, 1800 M Street NW., Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036. Telephone: (202) 653-4798.

    STATUS: Part of this meeting will be open to the public. The rest of the meeting will be closed pursuant to subsections (c)(4) and (c)(9) of section 552b of Title 5, United States Code because the Board will consider information that may disclose: Trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person and privileged or confidential; and information the premature disclosure of which would be likely to significantly frustrate implementation of a proposed agency action.

    AGENDA: Thirtieth Meeting of the National Museum and Library Service Board Meeting:

    1. Welcome
    2. Director's Report
    3. Financial Update
    4. Legislative Update
    5. Office of Museum Services Update and Board Program (Museums United: Building Capacity in the Field)
    6. Break
    7. Office of Library Services Update and Board Program (Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries, A Report from the Aspen Institute)
    8. Office of Communication and Government Affairs Update
    9. Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation Update (Open to the Public)
    10. Executive Session (Closed to the Public)

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Katherine Maas, Program Specialist, Institute of Museum and Library Services, 1800 M Street NW., 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20036. Telephone: (202) 653-4676. Please provide advance notice of any special needs or accommodations.

  • National Science Foundation

  • Advisory Committee for International Science and Engineering; Notice of Meeting

    In accordance with Federal Advisory Committee Act (Pub., L. 92-463, as amended), the National Science Foundation announces the following meeting:

    Name: Advisory Committee for International Science and Engineering Meeting. #25104.

    Date/Time: November 6, 2014: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Place: National Science Foundation, 4121 Wilson Boulevard, Stafford II--Suite 1155, Arlington, Virginia 22230.

    Type of Meeting: OPEN, VIRTUAL.

    Contact Person: Diane Drew, National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22230 703-292-7220.

    Minutes: Meeting minutes and other information may be obtained from the AC-ISE Designated Federal Official at the above address or the Web site at

    Purpose of Meeting: To provide advice and recommendations on major goals and policies pertaining to International programs and activities.


    Thursday, November 6, 2014 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

    • Welcome and Opening Remarks
    • Update on the Status of the ISE Section
    • Presentation and Discussion of the Report from the ISE Committee of Visitors
    • Presentation and Discussion of the Strategic Framework for International Engagement
    • Discussion of Other Recent Evaluations of NSF International Activities
    • (Tentative) Meeting with France C[oacute]rdova, NSF Director
    • Closing Remarks and Wrap Up

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