• New England Fishery Management Council; Public Meeting

    AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Commerce.

    ACTION: Notice of public hearings, request for comments

    SUMMARY: The New England Fishery Management Council (Council) will hold five public hearings to solicit Public comments on Draft Amendment 22 to the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan (FMP), including a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). To meet the purpose and need, this amendment proposes alternatives that would initiate a limited access program for the small-mesh multispecies fishery, adjust whiting and red hake possession limits, and modify permit types and characteristics making them consistent with limited access.

    DATES: These meetings will be held between July 19-26, 2018. For specific dates and times, see SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION. Written or Electronic Public comments must be received on or before 5 p.m. EST, August 6, 2018.

    ADDRESSES: The hearing documents are accessible electronically via the internet or by request to Thomas A. Nies, Executive Director. New England Fishery Management Council, 50 Water Street, Mill 2, Newburyport, MA 01950, telephone: (978) 465-0492.

    Meeting address: The meetings will be held in Gloucester, MA; Tinton Falls, NJ; Montauk, NY; Warwick, RI and New Bedford, MA. For specific locations, see SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION.

    Public Comments: Written public hearing comments on the DEIS for Amendment 22 may be sent by any of the following methods: Mail to Thomas A. Nies, Executive Director, New England Fishery Management Council, 50 Water Street, Mill 2, Newburyport, MA 01950; email to the following address: with "DEIS for Amendment 22 to the Northeast Multispecies FMP" in the subject line. Or fax to (978) 465-3116.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Thomas A. Nies, Executive Director, New England Fishery Management Council; telephone: (978) 465-0492.

  • Health and Human Services

  • Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care, and Services; Meeting

    AGENCY: Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, HHS.

    ACTION: Notice of meeting.

    SUMMARY: This notice announces the public meeting of the Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care, and Services (Advisory Council). The Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care, and Services provides advice on how to prevent or reduce the burden of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias on people with the disease and their caregivers. The Advisory Council will spend the majority of the July meeting considering recommendations made by each of the three subcommittees to present to the Secretary of HHS and Congress. Additional presentations in the afternoon will include a presentation on a recent study by RAND on the health care infrastructure, the CDC/ Alzheimer's Association's joint Healthy Brain Initiative Roadmap, federal workgroup updates, and updates on work by the non-federal members.

    DATES: The meeting will be held on July 30, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT.

    ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held in Room 800 in the Hubert H. Humphrey Building, 200 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20201.

    Comments: Time is allocated in the afternoon on the agenda to hear public comments. The time for oral comments will be limited to two (2) minutes per individual. In lieu of oral comments, formal written comments may be submitted for the record to Rohini Khillan, OASPE, 200 Independence Avenue SW, Room 424E, Washington, DC 20201. Comments may also be sent to Those submitting written comments should identify themselves and any relevant organizational affiliations. Those intending to make public comments at the meeting must submit their comments either by mail or email ahead of time for the record. Comments are due no later than Monday, July 23, 2018.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Rohini Khillan (202) 690-5932, Note: Seating may be limited. Those wishing to attend the meeting must send an email to and put "July 30 Meeting Attendance" in the Subject line by Friday, July 20, so that their names may be put on a list of expected attendees and forwarded to the security officers at the Department of Health and Human Services. Any interested member of the public who is a non-U.S. citizen should include this information at the time of registration to ensure that the appropriate security procedure to gain entry to the building is carried out. Although the meeting is open to the public, procedures governing security and the entrance to Federal buildings may change without notice. If you wish to make a public comment, you must note that within your email.

  • Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee; Notice of Meeting; Establishment of a Public Docket; Request for Comments

    AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration, HHS.

    ACTION: Notice; establishment of a public docket; request for comments.

    SUMMARY: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announces a forthcoming public advisory committee meeting of the Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee. The general function of the committee is to provide advice and recommendations to FDA on regulatory issues. The meeting will be open to the public. FDA is establishing a docket for public comment on this document.

    DATES: The meeting will be held on August 7, 2018, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    ADDRESSES: FDA White Oak Campus, 10903 New Hampshire Ave., Bldg. 31 Conference Center, the Great Room (Rm. 1503), Silver Spring, MD 20993- 0002. Answers to commonly asked questions including information regarding special accommodations due to a disability, visitor parking, and transportation may be accessed at:

    FDA is establishing a docket for public comment on this meeting. The docket number is FDA-2018-N-1073. The docket will close on August 6, 2018. Submit either electronic or written comments on this public meeting by August 6, 2018. Please note that late, untimely filed comments will not be considered. Electronic comments must be submitted on or before August 6, 2018. The electronic filing system will accept comments until midnight Eastern Time at the end of August 6, 2018. Comments received by mail/hand delivery/courier (for written/paper submissions) will be considered timely if they are postmarked or the delivery service acceptance receipt is on or before that date.

    Comments received on or before July 24, 2018, will be provided to the committee. Comments received after that date will be taken into consideration by FDA.

    You may submit comments as follows:

    Electronic Submissions

    Submit electronic comments in the following way:

    Federal eRulemaking Portal: Follow the instructions for submitting comments. Comments submitted electronically, including attachments, to will be posted to the docket unchanged. Because your comment will be made public, you are solely responsible for ensuring that your comment does not include any confidential information that you or a third party may not wish to be posted, such as medical information, your or anyone else's Social Security number, or confidential business information, such as a manufacturing process. Please note that if you include your name, contact information, or other information that identifies you in the body of your comments, that information will be posted on

    If you want to submit a comment with confidential information that you do not wish to be made available to the public, submit the comment as a written/paper submission and in the manner detailed (see "Written/Paper Submissions" and "Instructions").

    Written/Paper Submissions

    Submit written/paper submissions as follows:

    Mail/Hand delivery/Courier (for written/paper submissions): Dockets Management Staff (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, MD 20852.

    For written/paper comments submitted to the Dockets Management Staff, FDA will post your comment, as well as any attachments, except for information submitted, marked and identified, as confidential, if submitted as detailed in "Instructions."

    Instructions: All submissions received must include the Docket No. FDA-2018-N-2490 for "Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee; Notice of Meeting; Establishment of a Public Docket; Request for Comments." Received comments, those filed in a timely manner (see the ADDRESSES section), will be placed in the docket and, except for those submitted as "Confidential Submissions," publicly viewable at or at the Dockets Management Staff between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    Confidential Submissions--To submit a comment with confidential information that you do not wish to be made publicly available, submit your comments only as a written/paper submission. You should submit two copies total. One copy will include the information you claim to be confidential with a heading or cover note that states "THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION." FDA will review this copy, including the claimed confidential information, in its consideration of comments. The second copy, which will have the claimed confidential information redacted/blacked out, will be available for public viewing and posted on Submit both copies to the Dockets Management Staff. If you do not wish your name and contact information be made publicly available, you can provide this information on the cover sheet and not in the body of your comments and you must identify the information as "confidential." Any information marked as "confidential" will not be disclosed except in accordance with 21 CFR 10.20 and other applicable disclosure law. For more information about FDA's posting of comments to public dockets, see 80 FR 56469, September 18, 2015, or access the information at:

    Docket: For access to the docket to read background documents or the electronic and written/paper comments received, go to and insert the docket number, found in brackets in the heading of this document, into the "Search" box and follow the prompts and/or go to the Dockets Management Staff, 5630 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, MD 20852.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Lauren D. Tesh, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Food and Drug Administration, 10903 New Hampshire Ave., Bldg. 31, Rm. 2417, Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002, 301- 796-9001, Fax: 301-847-8533, email:, or FDA Advisory Committee Information Line, 1-800-741-8138 (301-443-0572 in the Washington, DC area). A notice in the Federal Register about last minute modifications that impact a previously announced advisory committee meeting cannot always be published quickly enough to provide timely notice. Therefore, you should always check the FDA's website at and scroll down to the appropriate advisory committee meeting link, or call the advisory committee information line to learn about possible modifications before coming to the meeting.

  • National Science Foundation

  • Request for Feedback on the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee's Draft Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic

    AGENCY: National Science Foundation.

    ACTION: Request for public comment on Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic.

    SUMMARY: The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC), chaired by the National Science Foundation, is seeking comment from the public on newly revised Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic.

    Researchers working in the Arctic have a responsibility to conduct ethical research, to respect Arctic residents and cultures, and to advance stewardship of the Arctic environment. The revised document updates the Principles for the Conduct of Research in the Arctic (1990) and renames them Principles for Conducting Research in the Arctic, hereafter the Principles, to reflect current research disciplines and approaches in the Arctic. The draft revised Principles have been revised to provide guidelines for the equitable conduct of research, to better align with U.S. Arctic policy, to include changes in research methodologies, and to ensure the Principles are more effective and widely applied.

    A U.S. IARPC Principles Revision Working Group prepared these draft revised Principles after conducting a comprehensive literature review and seeking and receiving diverse input from Alaska Natives, Federal and State and local agency representatives, and researchers by a variety of methods, including listening sessions at scientific conferences, through a Federal Register notice, and targeted interviews with Alaska residents and researchers. The Working Group seeks public comment on the draft revised Principles, which will be finalized after approval of the IARPC agencies.

    DATES: Written comments must be submitted no later than September 4, 2018.

    ADDRESSES: Email comments to Address written submissions to Renee Crain, Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation, 2415 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22314.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information contact Renee Crain at 703-292-4482 or

  • Sunshine Act Meeting; National Science Board

    The National Science Board's Committee on National Science and Engineering Policy (SEP), pursuant to NSF regulations (45 CFR part 614), the National Science Foundation Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1862n- 5), and the Government in the Sunshine Act (5 U.S.C. 552b), hereby gives notice of the scheduling of a teleconference for the transaction of National Science Board business, as follows:

    TIME AND DATE: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. EDT.

    PLACE: This meeting will be held by teleconference at the National Science Foundation, 2415 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22314. An audio link will be available for the public. Members of the public must contact the Board Office to request the public audio link by sending an email to at least 24 hours prior to the teleconference.

    STATUS: Open.

    MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED: Chair's opening remarks; plans for the July SEP meeting and the status of "Reimagining S&E Indicators".

    CONTACT PERSON FOR MORE INFORMATION: Point of contact for this meeting is: Matt Wilson (, 703/292-7000.

    Meeting information and updates (time, place, subject matter or status of meeting) may be found at Please refer to the National Science Board website for additional information.

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