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Bullet bioscience, podcasts · Mar 31, 2020

Latest BioScience Talks Podcast

The latest BioScience Talks podcast has been released - American Society for Gravitational and Space Research 2019 Annual Meeting.

In November 2019, through the collaboration of the American Institute of Biological Sciences and the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research (ASGSR), BioScience Talks was lucky enough to attend and report on ASGSR’s Annual Meeting, in Denver, Colorado. We spoke with numerous presenters, students, and other participants in the meeting, who discussed research topics ranging from growing food crops in space to using novel construction materials to help keep astronauts pathogen free. In addition, we chatted with ASGSR personnel about their newly launched Fellows program and caught up with student presenters, who described taking experiments all the way from classroom brainstorming to actual work aboard the International Space Station. 

This year’s podcast release is being released during Space Science Week 2020, which is being held virtually in light of COVID-19. Click here to learn more.

Interviewees included:

  • Kevin Sato, Immediate Past-President
  • Doug Matson, President
  • Phoebe Wall, Stanford University
  • Rylee Schauer, BioServe, Colorado University Boulder
  • Pamela Flores, BioServe, Colorado University Boulder
  • Robert Ferl, University of Florida
  • Anna-Lisa Paul, University of Florida