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Bullet bioscience · Jul 09, 2020

BioScience Impact Continues to Increase

The 2019 Journal Citation Reports® (Source Clarivate, 2020) have been released and the American Institute of Biological Sciences and Oxford University Press are excited to reveal that the Impact Factor for BioScience has risen to 8.282, up from 6.591 last year. This is the 4th highest Impact Factor among biology journals.

“This is a great reflection of the important scientific research, education, and science policy content published in the journal every month. We thank the dedicated work of our editorial staff, editorial board members, peer-reviewers, production staff, and of course the many scientists from around the world who submit their manuscripts to BioScience,” said AIBS Executive Director Dr. Robert Gropp.

To celebrate this increase, a collection of recent, highly cited articles has been created. These articles are just a sample of the impressive body of research from BioScience.

Rise of Turfs: A New Battlefront for Globally Declining Kelp Forests Karen Filbee-Dexter, Thomas Wernberg

Drought, Tree Mortality, and Wildfire in Forests Adapted to Frequent Fire Scott L Stephens, Brandon M Collins, Christopher J Fettig

Where Have All the Turtles Gone, and Why Does It Matter? Jeffrey E Lovich, Joshua R Ennen, Mickey Agha, et al.

Which Taxa Are Alien? Criteria, Applications, and Uncertainties Franz Essl, Sven Bacher, Piero Genovesi, et al.

The Nitrogen Balancing Act: Tracking the Environmental Performance of Food Production Eileen L McLellan, Kenneth G Cassman, Alison J Eagle, et al.

Fire Refugia: What Are They, and Why Do They Matter for Global Change? Arjan J H Meddens, Crystal A Kolden, James A Lutz, et al.

A Global Mitigation Hierarchy for Nature Conservation William N S Arlidge, Joseph W Bull, Prue F E Addison, et al.

Addressing Criticisms of Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas Bethan C O’Leary, Natalie C Ban, Miriam Fernandez, et al.

A Review of the Combined Threats of Road Salts and Heavy Metals to Freshwater Systems Matthew S Schuler, Rick A Relyea

Priority Actions to Improve Provenance Decision-Making Martin F Breed, Peter A Harrison, Armin Bischoff, et al.