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Bullet events, policy · May 11, 2021

Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits

Each year, the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) organizes an opportunity for scientists to inform the nation’s science policy. The Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event enables scientists to meet with their federal or state elected officials in their home state – not in Washington, DC – and allows policymakers to learn first-hand about the science and research facilities in their district.

“It was eye-opening to experience firsthand the process of working with a Congressman’s staff to develop this type of event, and it was pleasing to see how engaged our federal representatives are and how willing they can be to take the time for this sort of experience.”

-- Dr. Joseph Ross, 2019 participant and Associate Professor of Biology at California State University at Fresno

The Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event is held during the summer and early fall each year. Meetings typically take place between mid-July and the end of October. Participating scientists can meet with their elected officials at the local district office, virtually, or may invite them to visit their research facility. Tours of research facilities are especially encouraged, as such visits provide lawmakers with a personal connection to the scientific activities taking place in their district.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not organize this event in 2020, but we will resume the event this summer and fall with virtual as well as in-person meetings and tours where feasible. Read about our 2019 Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event.

AIBS will schedule the meetings with lawmakers and will prepare participants through online training and one-on-one support.

“We were able to share with Representative Veronica Escobar’s (D-TX) District Director what natural history collections were and how important federal funding was to museums like us. This program was a great first step to building a relationship with our local elected officials and to let them know what resources there are in the area.”

-- Dr. Vicky Zhuang, 2019 participant and Biodiversity Collections Manager at the University of Texas, El Paso

How to Participate

Registration is now closed for the 2021 event.

Note: Participants are responsible for checking their employer’s policies regarding involvement in public policy and about holding in-person tours and meetings during the pandemic.

Need more information? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Participant Handbook and additional resources can be accessed here.

Have questions? Contact us, or learn about the last event.

We Need Your Help!

AIBS is seeking organizational Sponsors and Supporters to help ensure the success of this event and to defray the costs of the training program and the preparation of materials.

  • For a $750 contribution, your organization will be listed as an event Sponsor on all promotional materials.
  • For a $500 contribution, your organization will be listed as an event Supporter.

Please help advance biology by becoming a Sponsor of the 12th Annual Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event.

Click here to join us as a sponsor or contact us to learn more before you decide.

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