An increasing number of scientists and scientific associations are using social networking websites to connect with others and create online communities. AIBS now has networking groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter sites that all interested parties are encouraged to join. These services are free; details are below.

Facebook Groups

Coalition Groups that AIBS Supports:

If you are not logged into Facebook, you will be asked to do so before being redirected to the group.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you will first need to create a new account and profile to see the group.


  • AIBS LinkedIn Company Page

  • AIBS LinkedIn Group: In contrast to the AIBS LinkedIn Company Page, the AIBS LinkedIn group is set up as an exclusive benefit for dues-paying AIBS members. Individual members of AIBS as well as officers of AIBS Member Societies and Organizations are invited to join the AIBS LinkedIn group.


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