August 2, 2006

Outcome offers hope for quality science education in Kansas

WASHINGTON, DC—On August 1, 2006, Kansas primary voters demonstrated their commitment to Kansas students. Of the five Kansas Board of Education seats contested Tuesday, evolution education supporters appear to have won three races. If these results hold, it is expected that control of the Board will once again return to moderates opposed to the Board's 2005 decision to adopt a policy that would redefine science and support the teaching of intelligent design/creationism.

The Republicans defeated in the primary were challenged by Republicans opposed to the Board's actions. The primary results suggest that there is a strong likelihood that later this year supporters of evolution education may regain at least a two seat majority, 6-4, on the Board.

"This appears to be a great outcome," said AIBS president Kent Holsinger. "This shows that when scientists, educators, parents and the business community come together to explain the value of quality science education, everyone benefits. People want students to get the best education possible so that they will be able to compete for quality jobs." Said Holsinger.

According to AIBS director of public policy Robert Gropp, "The primary results demonstrate that people are not yet willing to accept special political interests redefining science to serve political agendas. Science is a process that we can not afford to let become a political tool."

"The lesson for the science community is that we must recommit ourselves to making sure that every American understands the nature of science," said Holsinger.

Robert Gropp, AIBS Director of Public Policy
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