November 8, 2006

Biologists Respond to Kansas Board of Education Election Results

Robert Gropp
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Washington, DC (November 8, 2006) — On Tuesday, November 7, 2006, voters in Kansas sent a strong message when they placed control of the state Board of Education back in the hands of members who support teaching evolution. It is expected that the new Board will reverse a 2005 policy that permits the teaching of intelligent design/creationism in public school science classes.

"This is great news," said AIBS president Kent Holsinger. "I know that my colleagues in Kansas are eager to see this policy reversed." Holsinger, acting-head of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut, continued: "Intelligent design is not science and does not belong in the science classroom. It is sad to see how much money and time have been spent on this issue, when these resources could more effectively have been invested in students and teachers."

Scientists and theologians recognize the intelligent design movement for what it is; an attempt by a small group of politically motivated individuals to mandate that their personal religious beliefs be taught in public schools.

"Evolutionary biology is not an arcane academic concept. Evolution is central to modern science and has important real world implications. Evolutionary biology is vitally important to biomedical research. For example, without an understanding of evolution, doctors would not have effective antibiotics to prescribe." Said Holsinger.

The importance of evolution to modern medicine is precisely the reason that the 2007 AIBS annual meeting, "Evolutionary Biology and Human Health," will address the scientific connections between the evolution and medical research communities. More information about the 2007 meeting is available at

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