April 27, 2011

Dear Members of the Louisiana State Legislature:

Nationally, business leaders, parents, and educators are struggling to determine how to guarantee that our nation's children are prepared for careers in an increasingly knowledge-based economy. This important dialogue generally includes recognition of the importance of providing all students with the best possible science education. Louisiana can demonstrate leadership on this issue by repealing the flawed Louisiana Science Education Act.

The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) has issued several statements expressing opposition to the Louisiana Science Education Act. AIBS remains concerned that this policy offers little more than a mechanism to introduce non-scientific concepts, such as intelligent design/creationism, into the science curriculum. Louisiana students deserve a quality science education informed by experts in science and education - not politics.

The future economic growth of our nation requires a scientifically literate workforce and a population able to make decisions informed by science. A strong foundation in science that includes an understanding of evolution is required to fuel the engines of innovation that will drive employment opportunities in agriculture, bio-based energy, medicine, or synthetic biology.

Please repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act to ensure that science and education experts - not political special interests - develop Louisiana's science education curriculum.


Robert Gropp, Ph.D.
Director of Public Policy

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