February 6, 2012

Speaker Brian Bosma
Indiana House of Representatives
200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2786

Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer
Democratic Leader
Indiana House of Representatives
200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2786

Re: Opposition to SB 89

Dear Speaker Bosma and Minority Leader Bauer:

I write to respectfully urge your opposition to Indiana Senate Bill 89 (SB 89). This legislation, which was approved by the Indiana State Senate on January 31, 2012, would permit the introduction of religious belief systems into your state's science curriculum. If enacted, this legislation would be a disservice to religion, science, and education.

There are many religious traditions that offer explanations for the origin of life. These are, however, not scientific constructs and do not belong in a science classroom.

As I know you are well aware, Indiana has worked hard and successfully to cultivate an educational and business climate that will attract life sciences companies. Indeed, as the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) declares on its web site: "Indianapolis was deemed the hottest spot in the country to start a new Life Sciences business by the Wall Street Journal (Aug. 2011)." As the IEDC further highlights, Indiana is increasingly viewed as a global leader in life sciences research and manufacturing in areas such as oncology and biofuels.

Continued growth in these sectors will require an educated and skilled workforce. Thus, it is essential that all students in Indiana receive a quality science education, particularly in the biological sciences. Please support a strong Indiana science curriculum by opposing passage of SB 89 and any similar legislation that would confuse science and religion.

Thank you for your careful consideration of this matter.


Richard O'Grady, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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