In the January 2007 Washington Watch article in BioScience, 2006 American Society of Mammalogists/AIBS graduate student science policy fellow, Natalie Gwen-Dawson, explores the training and employment policy issues impacting post-doctoral scholars in the twenty-first century.

Following is a brief excerpt from the column.

"Postdoctoral researchers are an essential part of the scientific community, yet their status in the academic community often fails to reflect their significant role in advancing the nation’s scientific research programs. Postdoctoral scholars often spend long periods of time in academic appointments that give them little opportunity for career development, training, and research independence, they assert. Several recent reports corroborating their claims, the federal government’s pledge to secure US scientific competitiveness, and the formation of groups like the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) have alerted funding agencies to the postdoc issue and spurred efforts in some circles to revitalize the postdoctoral research experience.

Graduate students and recent recipients of PhD degrees in the sciences often say…"

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