The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is requesting public input to inform the development of a new ecosystem science strategy. The new strategy will guide the research activities of the agency’s new ecosystem activity, which was created when the USGS reorganized in 2010. Details for commenting on the plan are available in the following letter from Gary Brewer and Kenneth Williams, Ecosystems Science Strategy Planning Team Co-Chairs.

Dear USGS partners and collaborators:

Ecosystems worldwide are undergoing unprecedented change because of climate variability, changing land uses, and increasing demands for water, food, energy, infrastructure, and commodities. To better understand these trends, forecast future conditions, and inform management decisions, a team of USGS scientists is developing a 10-year science strategy for the new USGS Ecosystems Mission Area. This is part of an effort to create strategies for all of the new USGS Mission Areas.

This process will culminate in a final report to be delivered to USGS Director Marcia McNutt by October 31, 2011. The Ecosystem Team has begun to gather input from colleagues, partners, and collaborators at listening sessions and meetings, and now we would like your help in taking the next step.

We invite you to visit the USGS Science Strategy site ( to answer several questions we have posed to stimulate thought and inform the creation of the Ecosystems strategy. The site also includes background material on this plan and the strategic science planning process for all of the USGS Mission Areas. Please help us create a compelling, comprehensive, and relevant strategy by visiting the site to offer your input.

Thank you.

Gary Brewer and Kenneth Williams, Ecosystems SSPT Co-Chairs


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