Derived from the plenary presentations given at the 2000 AIBS Annual Meeting, A New Century of Biology features essays from some of the world's most notable biologists as they consider how their discipline must evolve in the 21st century to address problems such as habitat fragmentation, human population growth, environmental degradation, loss of species diversity, and scarce energy resources.

(Published by the Smithsonian Institution Press; ISBN 1-56098-984-X). To order a bound hardcopy, click here



Biology in the 21st Century Ernst Mayr


A New Century of Biology, W. John Kress and Gary W. Barrett, volume editors


Gary W. Barrett, Robert S. Hoffmann, and W. John Kress,


Chapter 1

Introduction — The New Revolution in Biology, Gary W. Barrett & W. John Kress

Chapter 2

Bacteria in the Origins of Species: Demise of the Neo-Darwinian Paradigm, Lynn Margulis

Chapter 3

Bodies and Body Plans, and How They Came to Be, Marvalee H. Wake

Chapter 4

Ecosystems: Energetics and Biogeochemistry, Gene E. Likens

Chapter 5

Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution, Gordon H. Orians

Chapter 6

Conserving Biodiversity into the New Century, Ghillean T. Prance

Chapter 7

The New Age of Biological Exploration, Thomas E. Lovejoy

Chapter 8

Lumpy Integration of Tropical Wild Biodiversity with its Society, Daniel H. Janzen

Chapter 9

Biology and the Human Sciences: Pathways of Consilience, Edward O. Wilson

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