by Karen Young Kreeger, Science Writer, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

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Environmental-scientist-turned-science-writer Karen Kreeger taps the experiences of nearly 100 scientists to provide case studies and career options for scientists in her Guide to Non-Traditional Careers in Science . The handbook is organized by profession and includes one-on-one interviews, job-hunting advice, and comprehensive lists of resources — from people to societies, Web sites to training programs.

While many jobs undoubtedly require additional qualifications outside of a specialized degree, the book explains that scientists do not necessarily need to obtain a JD, MBA, or MD in addition to a PhD to find a fulfilling career. The author goes further into the subject by detailing the situations of those with BA/BS, Master, JD, and MD degrees.

The guide approaches the practical realities of delving into non-traditional employment. More than required reading for freshly-minted degree holders, this book is a must for faculty members and advisors.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Catherine Gaddy
  • Preface and Acknowledgments
  • The Myth and Beyond
  • Definitions, Themes, and Advice
  • Science Education
  • Scientific and Medical Illustration and Imaging
  • Science and Technical Writing, Editing, and Publishing
  • Informatics
  • Technology Transfer
  • Business
  • Law
  • Science Policy, Advocacy, and Regulation
  • Appendix 1: Further Reading
  • Appendix 2: World Wide Web Resources
  • Index

(© 1999 Taylor & Francis. ISBN 1-56032-670-0, paperback, 6" x 9" 336 pages.)

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