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Publication Services

Through its in-house production facilities, AIBS can provide or find a provider for a full range of prepress services for both publishing and electronic media:

  • Conversion/keying/OCR (data processing)
  • Page layout/composition (pagination in Word, Quark, PageMaker, etc.)
  • Image handling (scanning of artwork, color correction, press-ready proofs, etc.)
  • Electronic conversion (PDF, SGML, XML, HTML, Adobe Reader)
  • Expert editorial consultation

These services are available to individuals, departments, and societies wishing to publish, for example, white papers, brochures, journals, books, or compilations.


Dr. Timothy M. Beardsley
Editorial Director, AIBS Publications
American Institute of Biological Sciences
1800 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 400
Reston, VA 20191
phone: +1.202.628.1500, x 326
fax: +1.202.628.1509

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