The editors and authors of Topics in Animal Migration have identified the following free online resources of updated information relevant to the compilation's themes:

Evidence for a Navigational Map Stretching across the Continental U.S. in a Migratory Songbird. Kasper Thorup, Isabelle-A. Bisson, Melissa S. Bowlin, Richard A. Holland, John C. Wingfield, Marilyn Ramenofsky and Martin Wikelski. 2007.

Reconsidering the role of photoperiod in relation to effects of precipitation and food availability on spring departure of a migratory bird. Marilyn Ramenofsky. 2011.

Grand Challenges in Migration Biology. Melissa S. Bowlin, Isabelle-Anne Bisson, Judy Shamoun-Baranes, Jonathan D. Reichard, Nir Sapir, Peter P. Marra, Thomas H. Kunz, David S. Wilcove, Anders Hedenstro¨m , Christopher G. Guglielmo, Susanne A ° kesson, Marilyn Ramenofsky, and Martin Wikelski. 2010.

Behavior as a Key Component of Integrative Biology in a Human-altered World. A Sih, J Stamps, L Yang, R. McElreath, M. Ramenofsky. 2010.

Desert locust populations, rainfall and climate change: insights from phenomenological models using gridded monthly data. Jamie A. Tratalos, Robert A. Cheke, Richard G. Healey, Nils Chr. Stenseth. 2010.

The evolution of trade-offs: where are we? D. A. Roff, D. J. Fairbairn. 2007.

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