Each collection--available as a downloadable PDF--features thematically grouped articles, hand-picked by the editors of BioScience®, the official journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences.

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Animal Migration
ISBN 978-0-9817130-1-4
68 pages

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The AIBS devoted much of the February 2007 issue of BioScience to a special section on animal migration. The six articles that constituted the section are included in this compilation.

ISBN 978-0-9817130-2-1
162 pages

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This compilation of articles published in BioScience over the past decade reflects advancing understanding of the effects of toxicants, mainly environmental pollutants, on animal populations.

Environmental Endocrine Disruptors
ISBN 978-0-9817130-3-8
48 pages

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Originally published as a Special Section in the December 2008 issue of BioScience, this collection outlines provocative recent research on contaminants that interfere with the sexual development of wildlife species.

Biological Field Stations
ISBN 978-0-9817130-4-5
72 pages

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For biologists, this compilation about field stations not only points the way forward, but also reminds us of our roots. It features six approaches to the question of what role field stations have in modern science and how they will speak to the future.

Cell Biology and Eukaryotic Protists
ISBN 978-0-9817130-5-2
162 pages

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Protists have proved excellent experimental model systems for investigating basic cell biology. This compilation of articles brings together those that have been published in
BioScience since 1996 in the areas of cell biology and eukaryotic microbiology.

Endangered Species
ISBN 978-0-9817130-6-9
174 pages

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BioScience has been publishing articles over the nearly forty years that the ESA has been the nation's dominant attempt to prevent extinction. Articles in this collection are divided into three categories: 1) What is the problem: why are species endangered? 2) How effective has the Act been in achieving its objectives? and 3) What might the future hold?

Prokaryotic and Virus Biology
ISBN 978-0-9817130-7-6
72 pages

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This compilation of articles from BioScience covers the prokaryotic microbes in the eubacteria and the archaea that make up two of the three major phylogenetic lines in the evolution of all living organisms on Earth. These articles deal mainly with the ecology of microbial communities.

Grasslands and Grazers
Grasslands and Grazers
162 pages

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This compilation of 15 articles, dating back to 1986, primarily focuses on grass-grazer interactions in mesic grassland ecosystems, and the role of natural and domestic grazers in their maintenance and degradation.

River Structure and Function
ISBN 978-0-9817130-9-0
256 pages

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This collection of papers pulls together different components of river research and repackages them into the broader field of river system science.

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