As a student of biology, you may have chosen your specialty or be fascinated by a specific biological question. However, as a future researcher and scientist, supporting science as a collaborative endeavor and encouraging public interest in how science works and how it is important to society will be an important part of your professional portfolio.


AIBS is the organization that focuses on the impact that biology has on all of our lives, supports programs that strengthen biology education, promotes policy decisions based on sound science, and participates in activities that promote public appreciation of science.

Students can join AIBS in this mission:

  • Join AIBS as a student member. As a student member, you can be a part of the communication and collaboration network that serves your profession.

  • Sign-up for the Legislative Action Center. The easy to use tool, maintained by the AIBS Public Policy Office, that allows you to track legislation and contact government officials quickly and easily.

  • Organize your own programs to get other students and your academic community engaged in science. Check-out these examples of fun and interesting activities.

  • Follow the AIBS group on LinkedIn.

  • Review information on careers in biology from AIBS and other sources. The career information details different biology majors and prospective professions for the biology student. Visit the Careers in Biology page for more information.

We strongly encourage student membership applications from individuals at the high school, community college, and college/university level. To join or learn more about membership in AIBS, please visit AIBS' membership page.

Learn more about AIBS' mission and goals.

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