Report on 2005 AIBS Council Meeting and Open Access Publishing Meeting

May 2005. AIBS convened a 1.5 day meeting in Washington DC on the topic of open access journal publishing. The first day was an agenda item with the AIBS Council of member societies and organizations, which was holding its annual meeting at that time, 7-8 May. The second day, 9 May, was a larger, open meeting for additional attendees and guests. The latter meeting was sponsored by Burk and Associates, AIBS's association management partner.

See the Council News to view non-OA materials related to the Council meeting, including:
  • The Briefing Book to the Council on recent AIBS activities
  • The slides (as PDF files) presented in the 7 May keynote lecture, "The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment," by Cristian Samper, Director, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.
  • The slides (as PDF files) presented during the annual AIBS awards event, 7 May, "Evolution Education Update," by Kenneth R. Miller, Brown University, RI; AIBS 2005 President's Citation Award recipient.

View the program and slides (as PDF slides) from 8 and 9 May on Open Access journal publishing.

A Transcript of the OA meeting is being prepared and will be posted at the above URL in June 2005.

Speakers' contact information is included with the website postings. Please contact speakers directly for permission to reuse slides.


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