AIBS Year 2000 Readiness statement

AIBS has developed and implemented a project strategy, conducted an awareness program, coordinated Year 2000 related activities, and established a communication program. We have put together a Year 2000 Team who:

  • Perform an inventory of AIBS systems.
  • Evaluate vendors to assess whether the hardware, software and services provided to AIBS are Year 2000 ready.
  • Evaluate AIBS systems to identify date-sensitive functionality.
  • Identify alternatives and appropriate action for non-Year 2000-ready components and/or systems.
  • Conduct Testing.
  • Create Contingency and Risk Management Plans.

The information provided on this web site constitutes a Year 2000 readiness disclosure under the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act

As a result of the efforts detailed above, we anticipate that AIBS and its Information Technology infrastructure will be able to make a smooth transition to the next millennium.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Year 2000 readiness is a complex issue, and the ultimate performance of a system or application may depend upon readiness by other carriers or entities over whom AIBS has no control. No express or implied representation(s) or warranties are intended or implied by this web site, and any express or implied warranties are hereby disclaimed to the maximum extent permitted by law. This web site is AIBS 's communication of the status of our efforts at Year 2000 readiness to the best of our ability, but the material presented here is subject to change without notice and it is not intended to induce reliance of any kind. In addition, any remedy for an outage, impairment or interruption of service arising from a Year 2000 problem shall be no different than the remedy available for an outage, impairment or interruption of service resulting from any other cause, and where applicable is limited to the scope of remedies provided under applicable agreements.


For additional information on AIBS 's Year 2000 status, please contact:

Joel Wagener
phone: 703-834-0812


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