Community Counts!

AIBS invites biologists to become part of a community of individuals and organizations sharing knowledge and resources to advance research and education in the biological sciences. We hope you will join us and participate in our programs.



Become a part of the AIBS community of individuals and organizations to help

  • Promote biological research
  • Improve formal and informal biological science education
  • Communicate quality biological science to a broad audience
  • Give policymakers the science knowledge they need to make informed decisions
  • Develop a national science policy that serves the breadth of biology

Membership includes a print and/or online subscription to our award-winning publication BioScience.


AIBS produces publications and reports that survey the biological sciences landscape. To be informed about topics ranging from undergraduate education reform, to current research advances, and public policy initiatives, please subscribe to get up-to-the-minute news about the following:


Research in the biological sciences provides the knowledge that informs our society's decisions about health, public policy, and the environment. Help ensure that our policymakers work to promote scientific discovery, increase funding for research, and make decisions that are based on current science.

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