AIBS members are part of a community of individuals and organizations sharing knowledge and resources to advance research and education in the biological sciences. There are many ways you can support these efforts, membership is a great way to get started.

Individual Membership

For individuals, membership is open to professional biologists, students, educators, and people who just love biology. With your membership you have access to:

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Professional Development and Education:

  • Communications Boot Camp for Scientists
  • Writing for Impact and Influence
  • Enabling Interdisciplinary and Team Science
  • Science Policy
  • Engaging the Media
  • Employment Acquisition Skills for Scientists
  • Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Careers in Biology Webinars
  • Networking Opportunities

Science Policy and Advocacy:

  • Congressional Visits Days
  • Congressional District Visits
  • Legislative Action Center
  • Access to science policy briefing and advocacy materials
  • AIBS Public Policy Report

Scientific Information and Publications:

  • BioScience subscription
  • Access to AIBS research on peer review
  • BioScience Talks Podcast
  • Leadership in Biology Webinar Series
  • AIBS Newsletter

Professional Liability Insurance plans:

  • GEICO auto, motorcycle, homeowners and renters insurance
  • Term life, accident and disability plans from New York Life
  • ACA compliant health plans; dental, cancer and long-term care insurance

The following are our membership categories and rates for individuals:

  Membership will include
BioScience in print and online
Membership will include
BioScience online only
Student: K to Postdoc*$65/yr$30/yr
K-12 Teacher/Administrator$80/yr$45/yr
Lifetime$2,000 one-time payment$1,400 one-time payment

*Proof of registration will be required.

Organizational Membership

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Member organizations work with AIBS to advance the field and profession of biology and bringing its discoveries to a broad audience. Over 150 organizations and institutions are members of AIBS, collectively working to advance the field and profession of biology and bringing its discoveries to a broad audience. We invite your organization to become a part of our community.

Interested in who is already a member of AIBS. View directory of AIBS member organizations online.

Organization types

AIBS partners with member organizations to advance the field and profession of biology. Here are some examples:

  • Scholarly Societies/Professional Associations
  • Academic Institutions/Departments
  • Museums and Science Collections
  • Other Organizations

Membership dues tiers are as follows:

Organization Size
Member-based organizations use head count of full dues paying members:Non-member based organizations based on annual budget:AIBS dues level:
Small< 1,000 individuals< $1 million$200
Medium1,000-4,999 individuals$1 million - $3 million$350
Large> 4,999 individuals> $3 million$500
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