Our Board of Directors

In accordance with our Constitution and Bylaws, AIBS is governed by a board of directors that is elected each year by the membership.

Our Committees

Our Council

The AIBS Council is comprised of representatives from our many member societies and organizations.

"The AIBS Council shall review the actions of the AIBS Board of Directors, make recommendations for action and response, consider agenda items brought before it, initiate agenda items, and elect four of its members to the Board."
-- AIBS Constitution, Article VII (extract)

AIBS and its members can achieve success in itheir federation activities only with the active participation and inclusion of the AIBS Council in AIBS affairs. It's a two-way street--please let us know what we could be doing better!

We encourage the participation of presidents and executive directors, as well as their designated representatives, in Council activities. For a directory of AIBS Council members and other membership information, see our Member Society and Organization Directory -- corrections and updates are always appreciated.

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