AIBS builds programs and resources that advance education and research in the biological sciences. We actively collaborate with our member societies and organizations to develop resources and support initiatives that serve the biological sciences community.

  • AwardPlaque_istock.pngAIBS Awards -- presented annually, AIBS recognizes individuals and organizations making significant contributions to the biological sciences through the Distinguished Scientist, Education, Outstanding Service, President's Citation, Diversity Leadership, and Emerging Public Policy Leader awards.

  • BioScience-Cover.pngBioScience -- award winning, peer-reviewed journal that provides authoritative overviews of research in biology and thoughtful essays on the conceptual underpinnings of the biological sciences, as well as timely reports on education and public policy. Content is written for accessibility to researchers, educators, students, policymakers, and the general public.

  • Bookstore.pngAIBS Webstore -- featuring books reviewed by our publications department and books we thought you would like to read.

  • LabEquip.pngCareer Resources -- on AIBS's Web site and in our career brochure, find information on ways to prepare for a career in the biological sciences.

  • CommSciSlice.pngCommunicating Science: A Primer for Working with the Media -- a booklet to train scientists to better communicate the work that they do and its bearing on society.

  • USFlag.pngEPPLA (Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award) -- an annual award naming an Emerging Public Policy Leader in the sciences. Candidates are biological sciences or science education graduate student(s) who show potential in science policy.

  • LegoEvolution.pngState Evolution Listserv -- provides action alerts when evolution is challenged at the state level and allows scientists, teachers, and other interested parties to network in their state, nationally, and internationally.

  • TreeofLifeTattoo.pngEvolution Symposium -- AIBS and the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center organize a half-day symposium at the annual meeting of National Association of Biology Teachers. Each year, a different evolutionary theme is selected and eminent researchers share their expertise and experiences with educators.

  • FrogEye.pngEye on Education -- from the pages of BioScience magazine, the online version of our education column provides educators with updates in science education, examples of successful initiatives to transform biology teaching, and new ways of improving student understanding.

  • Gavel_istock.pngFederal Register Resources -- assists scientists and educators in providing comments on proposed federal rules and regulations related to the biological sciences. Each Monday, AIBS posts a summary of Federal Register notices from the previous week.

  • DocumentPolicy.pngInternships -- graduate students in the biological sciences can explore careers in science policy through AIBS's policy fellowships and internships.

  • LACBuilding.pngLegislative Action Center -- online portal that enables you to communicate with elected officials via letters and e-mails and to track legislation affecting funding and research in the biological sciences.

  • FolderMagGlass_istock.pngPeer-Review Services -- helps organizations invest their research dollars effectively by identifying promising research to support.

  • Training_istock.pngPublic Affairs Workshops -- interactive workshops teaching the skills needed to work productively with policymakers, administrators, reporters, and the public.

  • WhiteHouse.pngPublic Policy Report -- analysis and communication on important issues to the AIBS membership and the larger scientific community; sent by e-mail every two weeks to AIBS membership leaders and contacts, with special reports sent as needed.

  • Pen.pngStrategic Collaborations and Grant Endeavors -- partnerships with academic institutions and scientific societies to reform undergraduate introductory biology education, and to devise models and best practices for teacher professional development.

  • PaAveSign.pngWashington Watch -- From the pages of BioScience magazine, the online version of AIBS's government affairs column.

For more information about AIBS's programs, visit the links for each initiative and feel free to contact AIBS staff.

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