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Bullet statements · Jun 04, 2020

Position Statement - AIBS Statement on Racism

No Room for Racism and Injustice in Science or Society

There is no room for racism and injustice in science or society.

The American Institute of Biological Sciences stands with all people and organizations working to end racism and injustice through peaceful protest, legal action, policy change, and systemic reform.

It was only days ago that most of us learned George Floyd’s name and saw the lethal brutality he experienced at the hands of police officers. He was at that time the most recent needless death. Since then, we have run the emotional gamut - anger, frustration, confusion, and sadness - as we watch events unfold in our communities across our nation in response to too many lives lost.

Racism and injustice take many forms, including those less obvious than that highlighted by recent news reports. Racism threatens our neighbors when society fails to protect the environment and provide clean and safe drinking water. We see the effects in the incidence, morbidity and mortality of COVID-19. These are but a few examples of systemic human rights violations that all of society must engage in solving.

The American Institute of Biological Sciences is committed to contributing solutions to the problems arising from intolerance and violations of basic human rights. A core human attribute is seeking a better understanding of our world. This understanding and its applications must be available to everyone. AIBS continues to conduct research in partnership with academic organizations on reliability, risk aversion, and bias in grant peer-review. An outcome of this work will be a more equitable research environment and research that serves all members of our society. Additionally, we are convening a series of conversations with representatives of our member organizations to identify additional actions that scientific societies can take to defeat racism and injustice.

Thank you for your attention and please stay safe.

The Board of Directors and Staff of the American Institute of Biological Sciences