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Bullet statements · Jan 11, 2021

AIBS Statement on the Insurrection Attempt at the Capitol

Unite to Rekindle the Light of Hope for the Republic

Insurrection Attempt
January 6, 2021

The American Institute of Biological Sciences completely condemns the forces that led to the occupation and violence that took place at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. We rebuke those who used hatred, ignorance, and intolerance to attempt an insurrection in the United States of America.

Our republic will continue to be faced with many challenges to its public health, economy, and security. We have the ability and resilience to overcome these challenges. Now is the time to take stock of who we, as Americans, have become. Together, we must collaborate. Each of us must lead with courage, justice, respect, humility, and love to recognize the talents of our citizens and the commitments of our institutions so that we may overcome the bitterness and division temporarily rampant in our society.

The mission of AIBS is to promote the use of science to inform decision-making and advance biology for the benefit of science and society. We will continue to serve as a trusted partner in science and defend the integrity of science and other democratic institutions upon which our republic was founded.