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Bullet policy, statements · May 17, 2021

Societies Call For Increased Support for Microbiome Research Across Agencies

AIBS has joined a group of 24 scientific societies and organizations in requesting increased coordination and support for microbiome research across Federal science agencies.

“Research on the microbiome aims to advance understanding of microbial communities (microbiomes) and how they interact with the world around us,” note the groups in their letter to House and Senate Appropriators. “This research has broad, practical implications for human nutrition, health care, food production, and environmental restoration to benefit individuals, communities, and the environment. Understanding of the microbiome has evolved significantly since the concept of the human microbiome emerged roughly two decades ago. Today it is understood that microbial communities exist on, in, and around people, plants, animals, soil, oceans, and the atmosphere, making the microbiome relevant to all living things. The rapid pace of discovery has led to greater technology needs and data sharing infrastructure.”

The letter highlights the Interagency Strategic Plan for Microbiome Research FY 2018-2022, developed by the Microbiome Interagency Working Group, to provide recommendations for improving interagency coordination of microbiome research. “As the Strategic Plan’s term ends in FY 2022, you can ensure that this important initiative can reach its full potential by requesting that the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) evaluate the progress made and develop a proposal for continuation of the work in the next iteration of the Strategic Plan,” urge the groups.

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